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Elysium Hotel

The Elysium Hotel is located in the city center of Crystalmore and is the place where most of the "normal" guests of the city will go to if they need to stay the night. Overall it isn't the cheapest place to stay overnight, but it is undoubtedly the safest of Crystalmore in terms of the local businesses.

General Layout

The ground floor contains a big hall with a reception, a waiting lounge, a large staircase, a bar, and other entertainment areas in the adjacent rooms. The second and third floors contain guest rooms with the smaller one to two-bed rooms on the second floor and the larger luxurious rooms and suites on the third floor.

Purpose / Function

Elysium is built as a safe place for visitors of Crystalmore so that they can stay overnight without stepping into one of the numerous traps of the city. It is purposely built as an enormous pompous building so that it is easy to find.


It is a three-story building built from sandstone bricks, sculpted sandstone parts like ornamental windows and door frames, and pillars holding the canopy covering the front entrance.
Alternative Names
Hospitality, Hotel
Parent Location


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