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Personal Gaurd

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What is the Personal Guard

All senior members of the royal household are having their own personal guard, which is an elite group of soldiers inside the army. They serve only their senior member, meaning the Queen, the Consort, the Firstborn Princess and the Firstborn Prince.  

How many are there in the guard

The personal guard exist out of fifteen and sometimes sixteen members. The senior officer, better known as Captain, is the leader next to the senior member of the royal household, of course. But the Captain, selects who is inside the guard. There area few occasions where the member of the royal household refused the service of a guard. In these instances, the Captain is responsible to remove the guard from the service.  

What is the duty of the guard

The duty is to protect the member of the royal household. But more often than not, they help the said member with their task or missions. This is more the case when the Firstborn Princess, and before her the Queen, went on a mission. They provide the village or town with additional aid, like rebuilding, cooking, cleaning, carry, and gathering herbs for the Witch Doctors.  

How are they viewed in society, and the rest of the army

The elite group is viewed as such, an elite group that serves their country by protecting and helping the members of the royal household. Most of the time, a member of the guard has served his time inside the army before being selected as a guard.   In society as a whole, well, that is difficult to answer. The personal guard of the Queen and the Firstborn Princess are in high regards, this because they help those said royals, to help them. Where the personal guard of the Consort and the Firstborn Prince are seen as sort of a private army.  

How long do they serve

Some serve for life, but others are forced to stop. Due to old age, an injury, illness. Or a falling out with the member of the royal household. Although the latter those not happen that often.
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List of guards


The Queen's guard

During this period there is no queen, so no Queen's guard.      

The Consort's guard

  • Eyob Codwood
  • Kifle Oolmay
  • Tesfay Conwin
  • Sebhat Chaurel
  • Yewane Duranton
  • Fikru Poliron
  • Kokob Gineres
  • Misgana Gaillane
  • Teodros Clarille
  • Zula Bemoux
  • Ariam Polallet
  • Ermais Verninas
  • Mewael Eeydi
  • Robel Norlins
  • Siye Ailwo
  • Aklilu Nightwin

    The Firstborn Princess's Guard

    • Idris Gedlear
    • Simret Oton
    • Sennay Assan
    • Demas Ducomb
    • Petros Forreay
    • Haden Alwan
    • Kidabe Barmond
    • Massawa Fairver
  • Fitsum Howcox
  • Gebre Lovestein
  • Issce Woodsmith
  • Tesfay Lawpard
  • Osman Cancolt
  • Berhe Campster
  • Nahon Stirpuw
  • Hayat Bestel

    The Firstborn Prince's Guard

    • Kanihu Sarrat
    • Demas Aibsa
    • Habton Sugné
    • Batha Chaseul
    • Zeray Bronteau
    • Eferm Chaminie
    • Keren Agueges
    • Haisem Larmalle
  • Negasi Andiril
  • Libena Vine
  • Awerki Nereon
  • Meweal Montallot
  • Yonas Belezin
  • Yoel Nollane
  • Tadesse Aguelot
  • Aziz Alinnes

    Symbols, Meaning and Capes

      The personal guard all wear the same type of armor, made out of metal covered with leather. The only thing that might differ at the uniform is the cape. This one is in the color of the royal.   The Queen and Consort:   Their guard have a red cape   Firstborn Princess:   Her personal guard has a white cape     Firstborn Prince:   His personal guard has a black cape    

    Symbols and Meaning


    Owl in heart

    This is the symbol of the Queen. The owl stands for wisdom and strength, the heart for the love she has for her husband and Cidor. A queen serves for life, and relays on the Consort to keep Cidor safe. This concept has being around for years and has not changed ever since. The Firstborn Princess will take over the role, once the queen passes away and the girl is married.

    Lion in heart

    This is the symbol of the Consort. The lion stands for pride and strength, and the heart stands for his love for the queen and Cidor. The Consort is the highest ranking officer inside the army, until the Firstborn Princess marries and ascends the throne.

    by Heroforge


    Dove with stars

    by Heroforge

    This is the symbol of the Firstborn Princess. The Dove stands for peace, and the stars for the wish of a new, prosperous life. The Firstborn Princess will be the new queen, so this symbol is fitting.

    Eagle with swords

    This is the symbol of the Firstborn Prince. The eagle stands for pride and strength, the swords for the army and the battles he might face. The Firstborn Prince will be first general until a new Firstborn Prince comes of age.

    by Heroforge


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