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Pantheon of Darkness

During the Age of Tribes, the Gods of the Pantheon of Darkness were feared throughout the world. When the Gods clashed the mortal races were caught in-between the battle that brought unparalleled death and destruction. This clash would become known as the Ravaging. For over a thousands years the mortal races fled and hid from the Gods. When Reknis was finally imprisoned by his brothers many thought the war would end. What followed became known as the Years of Hellfire. For several decades the skies would become blackened from the ash that filled the world. Esnis, wife of Reknis, brought Hellfire to the world as she mourned the loss of her beloved husband. Weakened by their clash with Reknis, Deywos and Bhratis were unable to contain her destruction. Knowing that her rage could annihilate all life, Deywos tasked his sons to bring a stop to their aunt. Through great struggle the sons were finally able to defeat her and imprison her beneath the Gloomy Sea. Exhausted from their task they called upon Mari to watch over her. As the mortal races recovered from the battle of the Gods, many races would strike Reknis, Esnis and their children from their history. Any mention to the Pantheon is only referred to as a natural cataclysmic event.

The Incarnate

Reknis, Embodiment of Darkness

Reknis, the 2nd of the three brother and the Embodiment of Darkness. He was envious of his older brothers power and was devastated when his younger brother was asked to ferry the souls of the mortal races to the afterlife. When his brother became obviously weekend by the creation of the Physical realm. He tried to murder his brother and his wife in order to take the world from him. For his crimes he was banished to the Pits of the earth for all eternity.

The Celestials

Esnis, Embodiment of Destruction

Wife to Reknis and mother to Valaros & Keiros, Esnis is the embodiment of pure destruction. Esnis conspired with her husband to murder his brother. As her punishment she was separated from her beloved husband and imprisoned deep beneath the Gloomy Sea.

Kormos, Embodiment of Pain

Kormos is the embodiment of pain and suffering. Many who have faced pain and hardship believe that she had cursed them.

Jofur, Embodiment of Winter

Jofur is the Embodiment of Winter and the brother to samos. Where she represents happiness he represents sadness and dispair. For many the coming of winter is the harbinger of death. Many souls have gone to meet Bhratis because of Jofur. Husband to Kormos, they are the parents of Rosair and the Giants. Unlike the other mortal races, the Giants are mindless beings that bring chaos and dispair to others.

Children of the Gods

Valaros, Embodiment of Chaos

Valaros is the monsterious child of Reknis and Esnis that was created for one purpose, to destroy any creation made by Deywos and Ammsa. He was slaign by Mrhsus just south of the Gloomy Sea. His corpse has been said to be covered by mountains within the sea.

Keiros, Embodiment of Hellfire

Keiros is the daughter of Reknis and Esnis, sister to Valaros. She was a cruel child when the Children were in their youth. She would often burn entire forests just for entertainment. She was beloved by her mother and hated by her aunt Ammsa. She was imprisoned by her aunt when her father turned against them. She now rests below Tambes, a volcano unable to rest as her rage spews out from the mountain.

Rosair, Embodiment of Greed


Pensus, Embodiment of Cunning

Pensus, younger brother to Rosair. Taking the form of a serpant, Pensus is the embidoment of cunning. He is highly cunning and often tricks his prey. Its said that in the desert those lost and dying of thirst have come across pensus. He offers to guide them to water for a certain price.

Primordial Deities

The Estramooric, Embodiment of Bloodlust

The Estramooric are creatures created by Valaros to hunt the mortal races. They are beings made from his own blood. Their appreance is not always the same. They take of the form of most normal creatures but only reformed into dark killing machines.

Demons of the Pit, Embodiment of Rage

The Demons of the Pit are the darkest souls confined to the earth, they have spent centuries trying to escape. When they are able to return to the surface they often are able to remain in human form but only darker.

Pit Fiends, Embodiment of Pain

Pit fiends are souls so twisted that they have no natural form in either the physical of immaterial plane. When they escape they take the form of vile creatures crying out in pain.


Also known as Mammoths, Giants are large humanoid beings that stand over 20ft tall. They have large tusks that hang down from their upper jaws. They are largly ignorant but a bull can posse a high intelligence and is able to lead his heard in more detail tasks. When angry they have been known to drop to all fours and charge at prey.
Religious, Pantheon

Places of Imprisonment:

Reknis: Beneath the Pits
Esnis: Beneath the Gloomy Sea
Keiros: Beneath Tambes


Reknis: Black Crown
Esnis: Red Crown
Valaros: Red Claw
Keiros: Black Flames


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