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The Great Shift

Sol 58, 4400 BCE

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Before the Great Shift, while the world’s lifeblood still held the world together. The Gods manipulated history from the shadows.   As the Tribes of Man spilled blood throughout the continent, The Gods spread war through the lands. Creatures that were once legend began to fill the continents and brought their wrath on the tribes of man.   This act angered the tribes of man, seeing this the tribes of the continents gathered to form nations as the threat of war was on the horizon.   In the years that followed the Known Nations of Pangeria rose to power. Beneath these great nations, the free states looked only to survive the coming conflicts.   When The Conflict of the Gods began, some Nations opposed the Old Gods as they were painted as unholy beings that looked to destroy the world and all beings within it. While other Nations and free states followed the Old Gods as they believed that they were the only thing keeping the world together. As the New Gods gained followers, the worlds lifeblood that could be seen through the lands, was told to be the corruption of Old Gods.   .....As war broke out between nations, a strange wind was beginning to be felt throughout the lands.