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Eperom Mari Trading Company

The West Sea Trading Company is a vast trading company with business with every corner of the world. The Company is the only organization with enough wealth and power to rival the Bankers of Kampala. Founded in 337 BEM by several merchant families that failing under the high taxes from the Kingdom of Frontonce. With their families livelihood on the line they pulled their resources and established a trading company with the intention of traveling further than any other company had done before. The families were able to purchase and outfit half a dozen merchant ship and set sail from Aps Frontonce in every direction. The ships would eventually reach the Samru Empire, the Free Lords of Travgin, the Chieftain of the Eastern Isles, the Ersajo & the Nosejo Erwa. The ships would return with all manners of valuables and cement their place as world spanning trade company.


5 Heads of the Sea's

The Heads of the Sea are noble houses that have been selected by a majority vote to lead The Company. Every year the noble houses gather to decide if a vote will take place. First a noble house must establish a valid reason as to why a Head of the Sea must be removed. Then a majority vote is taken on weather or not that house is removed. A successful vote is followed by a vote towards the replacement house.

Noble Families

Noble families are a group of families that meet the financial requirements to be defined as a noble house. This title is not voted for and is solely based on financial means.

Lesser Families

Lesser families are families that do not meet the financial requirements of a Noble Family. Lesser families have little say in the overall scheme of The Company. However, lesser families act on behalf of The Company if a Head of the Sea or Noble families is not present in a settlement.


The culture of the West Sea Trading Company is a woven mesh of all the nations of Pangeria combined. While The Company was originally founded by the Duish tribe of man, they have been open and welcoming to all races of Pangeria. The Company is broken down into 4 region; the north, south east & west. Company Men will often refer to themselves as Eastern Company Men or Southern Company Men.  


In the North, Northern Company Men are strong believers in the New Gods. Due to their close proximity to the Sakros Knots, they have witnessed the power of the New Gods. Because of this merchants in The Company are known to more more zealous than their counterparts in other regions.


In the east, The Company is highly influenced by the scholars of the Ersajo. Entire cities have been built just to house colleges. These colleges have fueled a controversial but popular practice by The Company. Special colleges have been built for the teaching and trading of Parchment. A common term that is used to describe a slave who has been taught to read and wright for the sole purpose to be sold for cheap and intelligent labor. This practice is viewed as problematic to some as slaves are educated, where normal slaves are illiterate.


In the south near and in the capital of Volendam, the purest forms of The Companies seafaring culture can be seen in the majority Duish population. Many ceremonies and parades are hosted in the southern cities in honor of the gods of the sea.  


Western Company Men have been some of the most successful and richest merchants in the company. This has been in large part to the close relations to the Teuta Eisom and the Hewers Guild. The Western Company Men have also sacrificed the most in their hunt for riches. Many Company Men have hired the Teuta and other organizations to be their guides into the mountains of Antauustret and Uuper Brahhruu in search of valuable minerals. Some have found the riches of the mountains but more have only found death.

Demography and Population

The Company is one of the most diverse organization on Pangeria. All races make up the companies structure. For the Company, business is everything.


The Company does not only operates in almost every major city in Pangeria, but they also have settlements through the continents.

Trade & Transport

The Company uses large ships to move resources along rivers and through the sea. Where waterways do not connect settlements, the company has constructed a network of roads throughout Pangeria.


The Company has funded the construction of roads, bridges & ports to help expand their trade network.

Tenets of Faith

The Duish once prayed to the Goddess of the Sea, however as The Company built larger and larger ships that would tame the might seas their faith was soon replaced by their greed and mingling of their cities many cultures and races. However a few Noble and Lesser Families still pray to the Goddess of the Sea.

The Sea is Calling

5 Heads of the Sea's

Coeman Family
De Witte Family
Reitveld Family
Van Kan Family
Waterman Family  

Noble Families

Admiraal Family
Arzt Family
Hendrikx Family
Mas Family

Lesser Families

Otten Family
Peeters Family
Van Dale Family
Founding Date
337 BEM
Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
The Company
Company Men
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Slaves, Parchment, Ships & Spices
Major Imports
Grain, Wood, Stone & Iron
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities


The Military is mainly divided into three groups.

The Whitejackets

The Whitejackets guard the various cities, ports and trade posts through the continents. They are the companies town guard and gets their colors from the idea that they are meant to be the pure form of defense for the organizations people.

The Bluejackets

Bluejackets are the largest of the three groups as they are the main military force for the Company. Bluejackets were originally sailors who guarded the ships from pirates. As the company expanded they became a fighting force whenever the company needed to establish dominance.

The Titian Guard

The Titian Guard are the smallest group that defends the 5 heads of the Seas and any banking establishment of the company.


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