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The Iklan's are one of the few mixed races throughout the world. Their blood is a mixture of elf and man. They are a result of several tribes of Nehmo & Drav that fled the continents of Pangeria during the Bloodletting. When the Bloodletting began, many Drav lived side by side with Nehmo, they helped the elves flee the to far reaches of the west. For months they traveled west with the Frons hunting them. When they reached the coast, they built hundreds of ships and set sail to the unknown. For weeks they sailed without seeing any land. Eventually they came upon the Frozen. Dred and fear first filled their hearts upon seeing the snow filled lands. But when they came upon gray trees that stood tall in the icy winds, the elves knew that it was a sign that they could thrive in these lands. Eventually they settled and throughout the years crossed bloodlines. In a land of ice the Iklan's rose to life.


Major language groups and dialects


When the tribes fled, Proto was the common language spoken throughout Pangeria. Since their return they have learned it is a dying language spoken by few. In Iklan society, Proto is the common language spoken. 


The language of the hands is another common language to the Iklans. Wronka is used to communicate when the winds become to loud to hear another that is only inches away. The language has also been adapted to be used during combat when Iklans do not want the enemy to hear them.

Common Dress code

Iklan men wear a simple tunic with a cloak that can entirely come ones self. Iklan women often wear strap dresses with a similar cloak to the men. Even during the coldest times of the year, no extra clothing is need to remain warm as the Iklan's have adapted to the cold.

Art & Architecture

Iklan architecture is both simple and practical. Most homes and structures are pit houses that are partly dug into the ground. Before construction, they will often set fire to an are before digging into the frozen ground. Some homes will have a floor above ground and a floor below ground with even a cellar below. Most of the roofs of the homes are dirt and are sometimes in level with the ground depending on terrain. In the spring the roofs of the homes come to life with greenery. In the lowest floors, the Iklans will build a chimney that goes through all the floors above and out through the roof. This is done to heat as many floors as possible with one fire. At the other end of the roof is usually a small windmill that is used as a pully system to move things between floors. Some homes have been known to have a small tunnel leading to either other homes or smaller structures depending on the terrain. 
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Coming of Age Rites

In the past when the children of the Teuta come of age they were sent to the deepest parts of the Frozen to survive for 6 Sols. When they emerge from the Frozen they are welcomed as true members and the weak were rooted out. As the Teuta made landfall in Pangeria, the Teuta have had to adapt to their new home. As the conditions of the new continent are not as harsh as the Frozen, the Teuta feared that their children would become soft in this new land. To compensate for the milder conditions, Vilhjálmur Áki te Tueta declared that the children would be sent out to survive for 12 Sols before they could be welcomed home.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Teuta have long believed that when you die your body must be returned to the earth that has provided for your whole life. In the Frozen, the bodies are taken to the forests to be buried so you may return what was given to you. 


Courtship Ideals

The Iklan's have no formal courtship tradition. Due to their belief that one can live through multiple lives, they also believe that two people can share a love that transcends lifetimes. They have always believed that the loved shared between two people is known by a long held glance shared by one another. When two Iklan's both agree to share ones life with another, they will present each other with a ring with runic markings to symbolize their love throughout time. 

Iklan Complexion:

Iklans have light brown skin that remains wind chilled even far from the harsh winds of the Frozen. Their hair is as black as night with eyes that are gray and lifeless as the Frozen. Even as the Iklans mix bloodlines with man and elves their complexion often remains the same. Few have taken the characteristics of other ethnicities.   

Naming Traditions

Feminine Naming:

Agnes, Dagrún, Eydís, Rebekka, Etc.

Masculine Naming:

Agnar, Freyr, Hrafn, Úlfur, Vilhjálmur, Etc.

Family Names:

Centuries ago when the Iklans still only inhabitied the Frozen, many families abandoned their names as a way to free themselves from the horrors of the past. Since their return to Pangerian, Ikaln families have once again taken a name as a sign of new beginnings. 

Estimated Iklan Population:

~2.1 Million

The Iklan population is divided into two groups. Ovber half the population still resides in the Frozen, while the other half make their home in the Old World. Because of the Iklans seafaring abilities, travel between these two regions is with little trouble.

Gods & Deities

Strigos Deru

Commonly known as the Cold Wood Trees. These trees are known to survive in such cold and inhospitable conditions that it's believed that they draw their strength from the world's lifeblood. The Iklan's first began to pray to these trees in the hopes if gaining their strength to survive the harsh conditions of the Frozen.

The Watchers

The Watchers are a race of giant owls that stands 20ft tall with wings that stretch out into the heavens. Believed to be the child of Mrhsus the Bringer of the Storm, who brought forth the Watchers to be his eyes of the frozen. The Alkejo Weis tell of how The Watchers have help guide their ancestors for thousands of years and has taught them that the Lifeblood is the only thing keeping the world from falling into pure madness. Through their time in the Frozen, the Iklans began to worship these deities along side the Strigos Deru.

Mrhsus, Bringer of the Storm

Mrhsus, Bringer of the Storm is the youngest of the three sons of Kemaki & Ammsa. As the son of the Sky Father he was given the form of a massive owl. Along with his new form he was given the power to bring storms to the shores of Pangeria. Few Iklan's offer prayers to Mrhsus and more often pray to his children, the Watchers, who have watched over them for centuries.

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