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Blood of Dagursson

The Blood of Dagursson have led the Teuta Eisom for almost 100 years. The current Áki Te Tueta, Hrafn, took over from his father before him. Before their rise to power, the family were merchants that formed strong ties with The Company. While these ties have made them rich, they have opened the Teuta up to outside nations more than many other families have wanted. Some even believe that the Blood of Dagursson have been offering up positions of power in an attempt to establish a monarchy within the nation.


When the Teuta returned to Pangeria, the Blood of Dagursson left behind many of their traditions with the thought of starting over in the Old World. A significant practice that was abandoned was the relationship between the family and the Alkejo Weis. Alkejo that had served the family for generations were left behind without any word.

Fury of the Old World

Founding Date
5120 BCE
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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