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Hrafn, Blood of Dagursson (Hra-fn)

Áki te Tueta

Hrafn's rise to power has long been plagued with mystery and deceit. As the youngest son of Tryggvi, many were surprised when the the Elders of Tuvaneia called for him to be the next Áki te Tueta when his father began to grow ill. This decision caused outrage throughout the nation as the followers of the traditions of old believed that he had nothing to offer the Teuta in a time of great strife and uncertainty. With his father getting sicker day by day, the Keepers called the Elders to the capital to decide how the nation would move forward. In 400 EM the Elders from throughout the nation gathered in Tuvaneia. After several days of deliberation, the elders put to it to a vote. To crown Hrafn as the next Áki te Tueta or to search for one who was needed by the people to lead them. On a vote of 41 to 39, Hrafn's was decided to be the next Áki.
The Decision made that day had led to a divide between the nation. Many have decided that it is time to move the nation into a new path, while those who still want to follow the nations original principals are fighting to survive.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As the youngest of three sons, little attention was payed towards Hrafn. At a young age he often made friend with the children of merchants that had come to the cities. He was often accused of stealing from the families when they would invite him into their homes. While non of these accusations were found to be true, they continued to occur as he grew older. At the age of 12 he was sent to Van Kan to study with the scholars from the Isle of Stone. He stayed at Van Kan for 4 years until he returned home. Several weeks after his return, his oldest brother grew seriously ill and died. 



In 400 EM, it was decided that Hrafn would be crowned the next Áki te Tueta after his father passed. Two years later his father passed and at the age of 25, he was crowned Áki. This decision caused unrest not only throughout the people but also through some of the leading families. Many believed that Hrafn had either bribed many of the elders or had offered some sort of compensation if he was to be crowned Aki. While bribery is a more widespread idea, there are few who believed that he poisoned his father. While this idea is more outlandish, few remember that his oldest brother died under mysterious circumstances almost a decade before.

Social Aptitude

Due to his education, Hrafn is charismatic and  exceptional at public speaking. Even at a young age he was able to talk his way out of many situations. Although he is a skilled speaker, he is extremely quiet and will often wait for a room to quieten before speaking.


He will often cover his face when laughs or smiles. 
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
23rd Sol of Araḫ Nisānu, 377 EM
Year of Birth
377 EM 34 Years old
Dark Brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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