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Tuvaneia (Tuu-Vain-eia)

Far in the frozen tundra of Antaauustret lies the capital city of the Teuta Eisom. The city of Tuvaneia is a fortress tucked away in the frozen mountain coast. This is one of the two landing points of the Teuta when they returned to Pangeria.


The frozen capital is predominantly comprised of Iclans, making up over 87% of the population. The rest of the races in the city are the Norskins, Reborn Scholars, Duish and Indwos making up the remaining 13% of the population. The capital city of Tuvaneia has attracted some of the best craftsmen from all around Pangeria. Alongside The Company, their excellent navigation skills helps them trade with the newly encountered nations.



Tuvaneia is tucked into a small mountain range at the southwest coast of Antaauustret. These frozen mountains provide protection not only from its enimies but also from the elements.
Founding Date
71 EM
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