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The Federation

The Federation is a supranational organisation that has consequently become the largest known power on Gaia. The power distribution within the Federation is uneven, with the western nations benefiting from a larger influence. The so-called East Federation was unofficially developed as a united representative of the eastern factions.  
The Cantari Empire and The Federation are at the centre of the political tension in Taru, where the visual novel is based.


Nations, Regions, and Families

    The Federation contains several nations on the west side, which elect representatives onto the Federation council. On the east side, borders are not clearly defined and cultures and values are often blended, but regions are outlined for administrative purposes. Further east, the reality is that land is ruled by powerful families, rather than a ruling government.   The organisation structure of The Federation considers the economy, the population, and the political power of the country.  

Tier 1

  Tier 1 nations hold the most wealth and have a higher sway in The Federation's politics. These nations include: Brivanne and Fanforom.   Brivanne, a nation that emphasises loyalty to one's nation as well as the Federation, a steep class system and innovation.   Fanforom, a nation that prides itself on being the founder of the Common language, which has become a powerful export to the rest of the world as a lingua franca.  

Tier 2

  Tier 2 nations may still be recognised by those outside of the Federation, renowned for a particular cuisine, dance or export good.  

Tier 3

  Tier 3 nations are often unknown by those outside of the Federation, and sometimes unknown by those within. These nations include: Kelmin.   Kelmin, a small agricultural island nation. It has a very small trading fleet independent to the Federation and currently unnoticed.    


  The East has littleĀ political power within the Federation, and since the Second Armada, has unionised itself under a 'East Federation' council, however this attempt at representation is not officially recognised by Federation administrators. It is poorly regarded by other members of the Federation, and often viewed as less civilized. Often it is high class families who rule areas of land, rather than governments, however the Federation continues to divide the East into regions, rather than recognise the power of the families.   Rovok, a rocky region home to several powerful families, including the Grub family.   Parish, an agricultural and forest region that does not include a powerful family, populated with several small villages.    

Outer Lands

  The final tier lies with the Outer Lands, which are mostly islands away from the Federation's main continent. Some nations joined the Federation willingly, other nations became considered Federation, due to the immigration of the Federation people. The Outer Lands have no political power within the Federation, but also do not contribute wealth nor military. Instead, they are promised defence and access to Federation trade laws. The Federation benefits from the unique resources, technology or strategic location the land has to offer.

Public Agenda

The Federation exists to provide a United Front against corruption, plague, stagnation, and evil forces that threaten the harmony of our great people.  
Representative Alian Caar
  The concept of a United Front is hugely important to the Federation, which means there are severe consequences if nations, regions or families opposite Federation legislation. There is a broadly common fear that without a United Front, there would be a possible way for Cantari - Empire, or another potentially "evil force", to break through and cause the first Land World War. One such manner of keeping these policy therefore is for the Federation to have near total control of the navy. This has led to disputes to the second most powerful organisation in the world - Cantari - to remain mostly at the sea.   And so, production can continue.


Vehicle | Jul 8, 2022
  Much of history in the world of Gaia has been lost due to technological data wipes and other bizarre and little understood global events. For some reason or another, humanity fled to live on colossal ships called ISAAC.   During their period of sea nomadism, there were several deadly quarrels between ships, as crews realised they were running low on resources and no longer had the technology to understand nor repair parts in their ship, so it was kill or be killed.   The Federation formed during this time, and was the only alliance to remain when humanity returned to land.


Since the The Second Armada where Magi were officially revealed to the public eye, the Federation has fast tracked recruitment for Magi in their ranks.   Some Federation states conscript citizens to serve two years in the army after their schooling such as Brivanne, while others have a military class culture system in the society, such as Fanforom. Tension with the East Federation citizens has risen due to conflicts over the necessity of war, and the unequal treatment between soldier backgrounds.   The Federation is known for its impressive, huge navy force.

Technological Level

Artificial Womb
Technology / Science | Apr 24, 2022
  The use of an artificial womb has radically changed humanity's way of life. In the Federation, all couples may use the Betahub to have one child, but would need to pay money for an additional child. The use of Betahub's competitor, A-Care 610, is not permitted in The Federation, however regulation in the East is weak, and many travel to the East to use the technology.

Foreign Relations

Organization | Jan 9, 2022

Taru is a small nation bordered underneath Cantari. Many businesses meet at Taru for trade as it is seen as a 'mostly neutral ground' in the Cantarian continent. Once owned by the Federation, now officially allied with Cantari.

Taru was the centre of The Second Armada, a terrible great war which has been the most devastating conflict known to modern history.
Taru was once claimed by the Federation as a 'member' of the organisation under the 'Outer Lands' tier, which was first challenged by the Cantari Empire in the War of Spears. Taru avoided Cantari rule, but suffered greatly by the powerful Red Spears who held technology never seen before by the Taruan people nor the Federation. When the Second Armada threatened Taru shores, mass panic and civil unrest began. Some of the Taruan people wanted to return under the protection of the Federation, whilst others believed that their identity aligned more towards the Cantari. Despite Taru's shocking victory in the conflict, civil unrest continued for ten years, until the Federation relinquished Taru to the Cantari Empire, under the promise that the Cantari would keep Taru independent for 'some time'.   During the visual novel, Taru has been independent for 8 years, and has a fair relationship with the Federation, continuing trade, and being a hot spot for technological expos and business deals between Cantari and Federation businesses.  
Cantari - Empire
Organization | Jun 13, 2023
Cantari has long been regarded as The Federation's biggest rival.
The Federation relationship with Cantari is at best described poor, if not at times, very tense. Both compete through the assemble of their military, their technology, and their ability to make use of the magi present within their borders. A cultural war between the two nations is also at foot, with great care taken into creating propaganda to promote themselves. However, their strategies differ, as the Federation pushes to make trade deals with other nations, the Cantari have pushed to unify and focus on the Cantarian continent.
Organization | Jun 13, 2023
Although a traditionally isolated country, Edgard's technology has been highly valued and is a popular export.
  The Federation has a trading partnership with Edgard, and there are talks about the possibility of using Edgard's Subtrain technology to create a new line towards Federation shores.


Most laws concern taxes to fund The Federation and The Federation military. It is up to each member state to decide how to generate the wealth The Federation requires, as well as the military personnel. Laws also act to standardise trade, and to negotiate trade deals and peace deals with other nations.
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Brivanne Fanforom Kelmin East Federation Rovok Parish
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Key Federation Characters
Character | Jun 14, 2023

A playable character and student in the main visual novel. Duncan is new to the magical world and will need to find ways to adapt.

Character | Jun 14, 2023

A playable character and student in the main visual novel. Grub is under pressure to be a great student, a powerful magi and carry on family duties.

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Author's Notes

I am delighted to have finally finished the first draft for this article, it has been a long time coming. I'm grateful that Summercamp has been the push I needed to at least explore writing the foundations of this very important organisation, and I hope to expand on it further at a later date.

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