Duncan Callaghan

Duncan is a student at Taru International Academy. He is a playable character that is planned to be released in the First Wave.   Hailing from The Federation where formality, class and family standing are important matters, Duncan has always been an outcast. Despite that, he managed to adapt well and form friendships with other outcasts, until he learned that he is in fact a Magi . Magi in the Federation have their own social standing and class, with many academies preventing achievement to poorly ranked students. Determined to give Duncan equal opportunities, his parents moved to Taru a year before enrolling him into the school.  
"Why are we moving, again?" Duncan asked, as Auntie frantically stirred the cooking pot. She turned to face Duncan, her smile much wider than usual.   "Ye Dad's got a good job this time. Yer gonna love it. We're gonna live by the beach, Duncan! Can you imagine?"

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Duncan has a close relationship to his parents, Barday Callighan and Gavin Callighan , who carefully raised Duncan and his little brother, Aaran , to enjoy pursing academic accomplishment despite the pitfalls the lower classes face.  
"It's a meritocracy, until it isn't." - Barday Callighan , when talking to his cousin.
  One day, Duncan came home to his parents arguing. They froze for a moment as Duncan entered the room, but they knew they weren't fast enough to hide the tense air. Gavin gently asked his son to sit at the table with him, while he handled Duncan's grade papers. Barday paced across the kitchen-living room, until releasing a big sigh and turning on the kettle.   "Do you want one, Duncan?" Barday asked, resigned.   "Dad, am I in trouble?"   Both men replied a firm "No." which startled Duncan more. Barday approached Duncan's side and held his shoulder.   "We're just trying to understand something." Barday began. He looked at his husband for a moment, and sighed again when Gavin remained silent. "Your Dad and I... Well. We noticed you were doing very well in school..."   Gavin took off his spectacles, so Barday stopped. "Everything is fine, Duncan. Off you go now."   And with that, Duncan left.   Believing that it was possible, Gavin had promised Duncan a gift if he managed the top grade in his exams. Little did Duncan know that his grades were cut because his parents could not afford the official school uniform, let alone the extra-credit trips across The Federation or even in the VR suites. They had no connection to any of the teachers or administration team to help bump up his grade, and asking a private agent to... Well. That was simply out of the question. In front of him, Gavin had the evidence that the school was illegally preventing students from achieving their rightful grade, but court fees and media fees were too expensive, both in regards to money and everything else they cherished.   It would be the first time among many instances that Gavin would suggest that they leave The Federation for good for the benefit of their sons.  
"Neither of yer fathers' work in the factories or the mines, they dun't have ta plough or count golachsies. They know how to read and how to do all these things. My, they can complain about not being at the top 'cos they're not at the bottom, lovelies. Don't yer go round thinkin' yer the outcasts. What about them who don't go to school? How many do yer know? How many names?" - Aunt Paisley to Duncan, aged 4.
  At first, Barday and Gavin discussed their concerns with their family and close friends, but soon stopped after Aaron was rejected for promotion and Gavin was fired. Moving across Brivanne did not ease their worries.


Duncan felt for sure he had done something wrong this time, even though Barday planted the second ice-cream cone in his hand.

The Law of the Feds

  At the age of 9, all children in The Federation take an exam to determine whether or not they may be magi. No one in Duncan's family are magi, so it was very unexpected for Duncan, his family and his academy to find out that not only he is magi, but he shows remarkable innate talent. By Federation law, Magi must have an alternative education, and must serve the country's government for two years. Safer positions away from 'the front line' would require high grades and social standing, neither of which Duncan would be able to achieve in The Federation, no matter his efforts or his talent.   One week after Duncan received his results, his parents decided it was time to leave Brivanne for good.


Family Ties

Duncan is very close to his fathers, his auntie Susie Callighan , and his younger brother, Aaran. While Duncan feels uncomfortable becoming aware of his magical prowess, he is thankful for the support of his family. He feels it is very convenient that there is a magi academy near his Gavin's new job, but has no suspicions.


Duncan can feel a little nervous when trying new things - especially in a foreign country such as Taru . While maintaining his Federation-learned politeness, Duncan can feel surprised when his mannerisms are treated differently than he'd respected.   
'Wait, they’re not kicking me out? In the Federation, no café would let you get away with not ordering something…' - Duncan in the visual novel.
  Despite the unexpected, Duncan is open-minded to learning about the new customs upon him. He is also unaware of the political situation surrounding the country as well as his own country's play in it. While Duncan may be accused of naivety, his open-mindedness can become a great asset to solving what's really going on in the academy.
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2nd Shywan
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