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Taru International Academy

"There is no demand for exceeding magical talent, only the desire to learn and follow simple, common sense when dealing with all things magical. As of 620 AL, this includes non-magical things too." Spokesperson in an interview with the Taru Press.
  Taru International Academy welcomes Magi from across the world. Celebrated for its curriculum blending cultures, magi and non-magi skills and modern ideas, the academy grows in popularity each year, particularly during in 628 AL where Cantari recognised the academy as a legitimate school for magi... after a few negotiated adjustments.   As the school is located on Yoko Island, in order to attend the academy all the students must sail from Taru coast. This voyage remains a firm Taruan tradition, allowing the island's exact location to remain secret to outsiders and encouraging the students to adapt to a different lifestyle and bond with the other students.  

Student Life

  Students will begin in 'Year 1' from the age of 11 to 12. Each year lasts three semesters, and each semester holds three months. Students have exams at the end of each semester, and their grade will take into account their skills, their academic prowess, their completed homework, their exam results and any extra credit activities they undertook. Special awards are given to students who achieve high grades in their yearly final exams. Students will progress year by year to their final year in year 7. Outside of class, studies and homework, students can explore the incredible academy grounds and the rest that Yoko Island has to offer. Students may wish to spend time by the beautiful coast line, explore the modern library or visit the petting zoo.   dormitoriesYellow Dragon. After the month is finished, if a student desires, they may apply to join a different clan. Each clan has their own building and will dramatically change a students' lifestyle, with different prefects and house teachers influencing their abilities, sleeping quarters, and side quests. Players will be able to freely choose which clan to join, as long as their character meets the requirements. Once the student has changed their Clan, they are very unlikely to be given permission to leave. Social characters may even be able to persuade another friend or two to join in their clan in the visual novel.   The academy also has a number of School Clubs for students to join. A student may choose to join or not join a club, and they may change their choice every new semester. Club activities can provide new friendship opportunities, skill growth and clues to small and large plots.  

Year 1

  During Year 1, students undergo a total of 28 hours of education a week. Each student has a unique timetable, which allows them to share classes with various students at different intervals. There are a total of 13 classes that students will need to study for, and each class will give the student homework now and again.  
In the visual novel, students will be graded on their classes. A high grade comes with special rewards from the school, bonuses in magic and skills, and with access to a bigger variety of classes in the second year.   Completing homework, study, practising magic and successfully completing exams collect points that the game will use to calculate a grade.   Students receive grade predictions regularly.
Classes About Hours
The Theory of Magic Students appreciate general magic instruction. They will learn about various concepts of magic during this class. 3
First Aid Students learn physical first aid along with basic restoration magic. 1
Seafaring Students learn how to sail, maintain a ship and eventually build one. Friendships may be lost or gained as the sea will provide countless challenges. 2
Wushu Students learn basic wushu fighting skills. 2
Transformation Studies Students learn basic transformation skills using relevant concepts of magic. 2
Defence Against Magic A controversial class the Magi Council wishes to see dropped. Students learn basic skills to defend themselves against magic. 2
Global Education Students learn about the world. 2
Life Skills Students learn life skills, such as math, swimming, etc. 3
Land Exploration Students explore Yoko Island and gain survival skills amongst others. 3
Mófa Studies Students carefully study magical creatures. 1
Languages and Law Students attempt to gain a broad understanding of languages while learning local and magi laws. 2
Performing Arts Students learn drama, and may use their magic to enhance their performance. 3
Herbs and Potions Students practice their potions skill which may be very helpful during plot points and challenges. 2
In future years, the classes change and adapt to the students interest and development needs. Lessons such as Calligraphy, Wuxia and specific languages become available, and some classes may be dropped. In the visual novel, the player may make changes to their character's curriculum from year 3 onwards.  

Bursaries and Required Items

  There are several bursaries available for students to apply for. Bursaries may help students with low-income backgrounds, or from backgrounds where being a magi may be very dangerous, illegal, or require certain qualifications to return home. Such bursaries include the Edgard Fund for Edgardians, the Medevék Association Fund, the Sanguin Tribes Fund, the Private Úra Foundation Fund, and the Magi Council Education fund (MCE).   There are few required items students need to bring with them, as the school can academy most supplies. However, the academy does recommend an extensive list of items. * are required items.   Clothes and accessories*
Enchanted waistcoat - Protects students from magic and the unforgiving Taruan humidity. Clothes for class - Clothes that are unrestrictive to movement to allow for casting, running, climbing. Day clothes - Students may wear whichever clothes they wish after class. Raincoat - Essentially in the Taruan climate. Exploration gear - Gripgloves and Gripboots for safer climbing. All use goggles - For potions, exploring and flying   Casting and Magic Equipment
Wand or Talisman*
Calligraphy Pen
  Suggested Reading List
Students have 24/7 access to the library and may access some books in their clan quarters. However it can be convenient for students to own the books themselves.
The 7 Concepts of Magic by Writhe Education Group
First Aid Theory and Beyond by Ashley Stuart
Taruan History Volume 1 by Black Cat Education
Sea Tales & Shore Folklore by Jevek Kim
The Global World by Black Cat Education
The Art by Henry Li
Mófa Studies Volume 1 by Greencore Society
Herbs and Ingredients Volume 1 by Greencore Society
Transformation Studies by MagiCorp Ed
Don't Sink - How to make the most of your academy's facilities and live a healthy student life - by Julia H Ting
School bag*
Taruan currency

To learn [from a variety of places], To ask [until you satisfy your desire to learn], To reflect [meticulously], To distinguish [clearly between truth and lies], To manifest [that which you have learnt].

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Founding Date
550 AL
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
TIA, Taru Academy for Magi,
Related Traditions
Related Ranks & Titles
Yellow Dragon Clan Known as: The Family The Yellow Dragon is a symbol of unity, representing the earth and balance. First years start in the Yellow Dragon clan but most of them will change their clan after a month. The remaining students often act as impartial judges for the special events.  
  "Yellow Dragon is truly like another family. There is no pressure to reach for a certain star. You can soar across the whole sky." - Rivern Monaghan
  "There's not too many of us. I prefer it like that." Sulphur Monaghan.
Azure Dragon by David
  Azure Dragon Clan Known as: The Scholars The Azure Dragon represents wood, the east and spring. The clan's focus is on growth and learning. The students are known for organising effective study groups for exams, and due to Edgard's returning Magi policy, most Edgardians are encourage to apply.     Vermillion Bird Clan Known as: The Artists The Vermillion Bird represents the element of fire, the south, and summer. The clan focus is of self-expression and composure. The student are known to encourage each other's creativity rather than compete against each other, as they prefer to celebrate the multi-talents of individual talents rather than group themselves into a single perspective of a single kind of art. School clubs will often go to Vermillion Bird members to ask for support in their special events.  
White Tiger by Tambako The Jaguar
  White Tiger Clan Known as: The Judges The White Tiger represents metal, the west and autumn. The clan's focus is on justice and virtue. Many of the students have their own reasons for belonging into the White Tiger clan. Whether they've experienced injustice, or long for a more equal and kinder world, ambitious students will be attracted towards this clan. White Tiger students are known for their casting and combat abilities, and for that reason many Cantari students will join the clan, despite the bias they may receive from other members.     Black Tortoise Clan Known as: The Warriors The Black Tortoise represents the water, the north and winter. The clan's focus is on discipline, thoughtfulness and determination. Many students will enjoy physical activities, such as sports, wushu and wuxia. They may also enjoy riding animals or learning to take care of them.

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