Alice Monaghan

Captain Alice Monaghan

Captain Alice Monaghan is the headmistress of Taru International Academy . She has three children, Rivern, Sulphur and Marine.   Called by her first name only by close friends, Alice is reputed to be one of the most powerful Magi ever known, wielding catastrophically potent destruction and calling magic with apparent ease. Her role at Taru International Academy has not been an easy one as both Taruans and Cantarians have demanded the head be of their own ethnicity. While the interior and external politics from work demands a lot of Alice's attention, she can be seen checking on colleagues and students from time to time, as well as taking a moment to watch the sea or trek the mountains.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Alice is always seen wearing gloves and long sleeves, even in the sunshine. Only very close friends have seen her with just her gloves on, but don't dare question why.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of Alice's childhood remains private, despite the efforts of prying journalists and biographers. Most of what is known about Alice is that she is of Federation ethnicity, which is a general term for citizens from the south and eastern areas that remain borderless. At some point, she moved to Brivanne in the West Federation before moving to Taru a few years before the Second Armada. It was during this time that Alice, once a simple shipwright, gained rank from her leadership, tactical skills and her powerful calling magic that gave ships the advantage with the sea. Her ship, The Boulevard, watched as Taruan groups 'Red Flag' and 'Blue Flag' destroyed a neutral party, killing its leader in bombardment.   Pitying the situation and also having empathy for the Taru cause, Alice agreed to meet with Qing and Lo Chen to discuss the situation. expecting to negotiate for The Boulevard's safe departure from Taru lands, Alice was surprised when they ended up agreeing to an alliance.   Alice is not known as a turncoat however. She persuaded many of the Federation admirals to retreat from the final battle, saving many lives in the process. Despite this, Alice has not returned to Brivanne since the The Second Armada, after which she proceeded to lead a small fleet that assisted ending the remaining conflicts elsewhere. She used calling magic to prevent large fleets engaging each other, forcing them to return home. After the conflicts at sea were resolved, Alice returned and has remained in Taru.   While in Taru, Alice met her future husband and they had three children together. He later died shortly after the birth of his third child, and she will not mention his name. Journalists are advised by their superiors not to mention her marriage at all costs when interviewing her.


During her permanent residency in Taru, Alice has completed a number of degrees and thesis in both magic and science. She has grown a reputation for her intellect as well as her magical capabilities.

Mental Trauma

Alice will not speak about her childhood to anyone, not even to her children.


Family Ties

Alice has a close bond with her children. Despite her busy work schedule, she makes a great effort to spend time with them. While she is careful not to smother them, she is proud of their achievements, she would fiercely defend them if they were in danger.
Dark blue
Striking orange, long, plated or in a messy ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Taruan and others.

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