Eleanor Lu

Eleanor is a student at Taru International Academy. She is a playable character intended for the First Wave.   Eleanor is a Cantarian Magi, born in the governed Koven state in the Cantari - Empire. Despite overcoming personal challenges, decisions and a great deal of change, Eleanor has had a comfortable life as a popular student in Cantari. Her friends adore her, and the faces around her have always been kind and warm. Yet Eleanor must face the realities of the world outside of the Koven state, and enrol in Taru International Academy. For the first time, she will encounter people who won't even maintain eye-contact, let alone share a friendly smile. In Eleanor's world, clouds will loom across the sky and threaten a storm. Eleanor must decide whether to investigate the politics surrounding her and her family, and if so, by which means.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eleanor was born assigned male to her parents Chaohui ("Charlie") Lu and Nori Bǎihé. After transitioning at the age of 8, Eleanor received her name by her mother, who had left the household when she was 5. Eleanor was initially told that her mother went on a holiday, and then, after months passed, she was told her mother didn't want to come back. After a couple of years, Chaohui told Eleanor that he had divorced her mother, and a year later, Huize Hu was introduced to Eleanor as her new step-mother.   Eleanor has a poor relationship with Hu who has not yet to earned Eleanor's her trust. Hu's formal and more uptight personality unsettles Eleanor.  
Annabel’s Mum
This is Eleanor and Charlie, and Helen or Ms Hu.   Eleanor’s Step Mum
Ms Hu.   Script from Eleanor's Prologue

Discovering magic

  It has been a long tradition for Cantarians to identify a Magi by testing their ability of intuition. According to tradition, magi have higher levels of intuition than non-magi, and may be able to guess correctly items held in pockets and even the names of people they have never met.   But no such test was given to Eleanor, who from an early age learned to float down the stairs, play with embers hovering above her fingers and encourage the koi to leap in their ponds by the park.   It was of little use when her parents tried to suppress Eleanor's magic. They found their efforts backfired, and could cause collateral damage, so they allowed Eleanor to practice as long as she kept her practice at home.


Contacts & Relations

Before arriving in Taru, Eleanor would enjoy the company of her best friends, and would chat with them in person or via Vold. Su, Flourice and Denise promise to keep in touch, but as students in Taru International Academy begin in deliberately ignore or bully Eleanor, she begins to worry if her best friends really will keep their promise.  

A change of plans

Eleanor hadn't always expected to attend a Taru school. The decision was made unexpectedly by her father, who then, a few days before her planned birthday with her friends, told her she would be leaving Cantari earlier than expected.  
In the visual novel, Eleanor will stay over Annabel's family home before The Voyage to the academy. Interactions may build or destroy a potential friendship.

Hobbies & Pets

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    Eleanor's pet is a male ferret called Yanyan. Yanyan isn't keen on Eleanor's use of magic and may hide underneath cabinets or the bed when she plays around. However most of the time the two share a very close bond. Yanyan is able to follow very simple commands and enjoys perching on Eleanor's shoulder or resting in jumper pockets. Eleanor received special permission by the Cantari teacher Shu Yang  to be allowed to bring Yanyan to the academy.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Cantari, Koven, Common
Captain tier patrons have access to Eleanor's childhood story, that introduces the mystery behind Eleanor's parents. Take a look!

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