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The Magi are Humans who are born with the gift of magic. While the ability to perform magic is not genetic, a magi parent is much more likely to give birth to a magi child than a non-magi parent. Reasons for this are still unclear, however since the Council of Magi publicly announced its existence and therefore the existence of magi to the world, scientists and theorists have been studying the matter closely.   Magi perform magic within the The Seven Concepts. Some magi can perform different kind of magic outside The Seven Concepts if they are not fully human, for example if a magi is half human, half Merfolk such as Meili. Humans may perform the seven concepts of magic through casting, potions, calligraphy and reading. Magi also have abilities to detect magic, and may have a small amount of intuition. A few magi may have additional gifts.  

Magi history

Humanity lost the majority of its ancestral knowledge from BL (Before Land), and it is not clear who the first magi was, or if some humans have always been capable of magic. As settlements were very segregated at first, each culture had their own relationship with magi. Some magi hid their powers, while others used them to obtain leadership or priestly roles. Until the Council's announcement, not all nations believed in or had knowledge of magic or magi power. Underneath the Council of Magi, new laws and societal structures were hastily made and life for everyone had changed forever.  

Developing power

If a magi does not develop their magical abilities, they may lose the gift entirely as they grow older. This can happen to magi who live in segregated islands and other smaller settlements who are still unaware of the concepts of magic. A magi who is indeed aware of their powers but do not receive careful training may become incapable of controlling their abilities, leading to the dramatic destruction of buildings, people and themselves. For this reason, countries such as Edgard have rules that state all magi must attend a magi academy and master their skills from the age of 11. Characters such as Tilde are under pressure to pass an exam during graduation in order to be allowed to return home.  

Additional Gifts

Very occasionally, some magi may also possess innate gifts, such as the Gift of Foresight, the Gift of Influence or the Gift of Channelling . These gifts are little understood and are not recognised by the Council.    

Additional Items

There are some special items that can be wielded by magi, or imbued into them. These items may enhance their powers or change its nature, or bring additional powers. Items such as Forbidden Eyes are often a closely kept secret, and may hold negative consequences alongside the helpful benefits.

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Jan 3, 2021 22:30

I really liked the detail that if magi do not develop their magical abilities, they may lose the gift.

Feb 17, 2021 07:32 by Sailing Ocelot

Thank you MGatta! I appreciate your comment :)

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May 22, 2022 07:50

Ah, good stuff, SailingOcelot. I find it interesting that a person who doesn't work towards their magic can outright lose it; like a muscle that needs to be developed.

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Thank you Chimera! I'm glad you mentioned that, I do hope to press on that fact in some of the stories!

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