Forbidden Eyes

"No gift comes without consequences. No victory without cost." - Taruan Saying
  A Forbidden Eye is a unique magical imbuement that merges within someone's eye to grant special skills and abilities. They are specially made and sold through a small group of travelling Taruan merchants, who pass down their secret craft to carefully selected kin or acquittances. Many Taruan are not aware of their own specialised tradition, especially as majority forms of magic becomes more open due to the ever-growing presence of the Council of Magi and the popular Taru International Academy. As Magi no longer have to hide their craft, the mysterious legends of Forbidden Eyes are quietly forgotten.  

Characters with Forbidden Eyes

  Lo Chen is known for his Eye of Potential, which analyses the potential of others. It was particularly useful in recruiting for the war, particularly being able to see the potential of one's teamwork and abilities, and the potential that they may betray the crew.   While Lo Chen does not discuss his Forbidden Eye openly, the teachers at Taru International Academy often comment about it, usually misunderstanding the burden it brings Lo Chen. While Lo Chen's Eye of Potential is very useful in assisting and protecting the students, Lo Chen would quickly end any idle conversation about them in his classes.  

Other Eyes

  Doom's Eye   This imbuement allows the user to see incoming danger and doom, including one's inevitable death as well as their kin.   Ancestral Eye   Stolen and taken to another country. A very powerful eye that allows the user to master abilities that their ancestors had in the past, with the cost of many ancestors agonising the user to implement their will.
Affected Species

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This is very cool. I'm always thinking of possibilities for new magical items for my own world, and I'd be very pleased with myself if I had thought of this. I really like how there's a variety of 'eyes' with different origins, purposes, and effects. There's so many variants you could create from here.   When you say "magical imbuement" is there a physical form that the eyes take? Are they like contact lenses, for instance, or are they pure energy/magic/etc.?

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Sailing Ocelot
11 Jul, 2021 05:38

Thank you very much for your comment! I hope to expand on this article someday which may be able to answer some of your questions. In the future, I would also like to write a few short stories concerning Forbidden Eyes.I hope others find the idea cool too ^^

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