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The Taruan ethnicity comes from Taru , a small nation bordered with Cantari. Taru was once under Federation control, and is now under Cantarian control. This history has greatly impacted the Taruan culture.


Major language groups and dialects

Taruan is the main language group. Dialect may vary slightly from district. Most Taruans understand Common as well.

Culture and cultural heritage

Much of Taruan culture is down to earth, honest and helpful. If you're in need and you ask for help, most likely you'll get it. If you're a snob about it though, you'll be laughed at. Wealth and celebrities are unlikely to interest or gain respect from a Taruan. Your deeds however... That's worth respect.   Taruan junk boats and sloops are celebrated in Taru, much thanks to Lo Chen 's personal efforts. Before sailing, Taruans usually burn incense and offer up a prayer to the spirits. Occasionally, some sailors swear they hear cries from the wood as they follow the ritual, as if spirits were leaving the boats and running across the air.

Art & Architecture

Much of the ancient Taruan art was destroying during the civil unrest. Modern art has become popular and many tourists flock to Taru impart to appreciate the modern uprising. Qing Chen one of the famous Taruan brothers, is known for his provocative and unique modern art, creating sculptures, expensive vases and paintings.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

In the past, Magi parents who wanted to test whether their children were Magi would send them underwater. If the child could adapt and breathe underwater, they were Magi. This tradition is no longer respected and most Magi parents prefer modern, safer methods.
Diverged ethnicities
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