Qing Chen

Qing Chen

Qing is a famous Taruan artist and sculptor. Oh, and he also helped save Taru during the Second Armada War.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Qing grew up in a slum district in Taru, with his older brother and his parents. Unlike his older brother, Lo Chen, Qing preferred to stay with his mother and tried to protect her from his father's growing alcoholism. He ensured that it was his mother, Hua Chen, that is remembered in Taru today, instead of his late father.   Alongside Lo Chen, Qing led fleets of ships during the Second Armada from the age of sixteen. During this time, he was known to be serious, hard-working and cold. But comrades of the time no longer recognise the wild Qing of today, who relishes parties, exotic food and loves to travel. Qing enjoys the local Taruan celebrations and feels that the modernising of Taru is a good thing, despite his brother's doubts.   Qing also was known as a powerful magi, however is not known to use magic since the end of the war.


Qing was educated in magic for a short while under his grandpa. The two didn't bond very strongly however, and Qing abandoned his lessons.    After the Second Armada, Qing pursed the arts. He received degree after degree, certification after certification, funding his courses with his enticing modern art.


Qing is a freelance artist, who creates whatever he feels like during the moment, and then hope it sells or looks good in his home. Occasionally, he receives commissions from private companies for his more locative work, and from countries and nations for his occasionally sensitive installations. Now and then, Qing will be featured in a magazine featuring his latest work, along with his personal fashion and health tips.
Light brown
Known Languages
Taruan, Common, and a few others.

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15 Jun, 2021 19:46

Protecting the mother from the alcoholic father seems like such a mundane thing, and yet it sounds a lot scarier than any magic-related issues could be. Also, it's fascinating how much he changed after the war - that's such a huge difference, both to his own war-time description and to how his brother turned out!

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Thank you for your comment! I'm really happy you noticed the big contrast between the brothers! It becomes explored further in the game later on :)

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