The Seven Concepts of Magic

Magic is a way of doing. While it takes skill and ability to perform magic, there is no transference of energy. Because of this, the wielder is only exhausted by the mental or physical exhaustion of performing the magic, rather than the magic itself. For this reason as well, magic can not be used or harvested for the benefit of technology. While it is not only Humans Magi who can perform magic, The Seven Concepts of Magic encompasses the majority of magic that a human magi has access to, and the matter of which students will be studying at Taru International Academy .   Discovered by a scholar in the Federation but recognised worldwide, The Seven Concepts are: Illusion, Restoration, Destruction, Transportation, Building, Law-making and Calling.  


To hide or reveal something. Can be a physical illusion, such as altering how a building looks to most people, altering how one might appear to others to making it impossible to read one’s mind or intentions.  
Harushi bowed as they left the King's corridor. As soon as the heavy doors were shut behind them, they made haste to the tower library, opened the trapdoor to the stock room and peeled off their mask. After a long moment of heavy breaths and tears, Harushi took another mask from their pocket, and carefully stretched it across their face.


To heal, to restore, to repair. It can be used for wounds and living things, or broken objects. It includes the use of herbs and enchanted ingredients, as well as magic itself.    
Eleanor held her hand over her father’s wound and tried to relax herself and allow magic to surge from her hand to the wound. She felt a warm heat and was aware of the wound closing, almost as if she could see it and feel it within the clothes.  
Eleanor's Prologue - Sea Hears Visual Novel


To harm, to destroy, to use magical force directed at something.  
Eleanor let her anger boil within her. She let out a roar at the assailant, followed by a fury of wind. The wind pushed the assailant over. They fell awkwardly and struggled to get up.  
Eleanor's Prologue - Sea Hears Visual Novel


To move something from one place or another.  
Grub outstretched his hand and let the magic flow along his arm. The river was shallow, and the boy was… light. Grub felt the boy’s weight under the water and then… above the air.  
Grub's Prologue - Sea Hears Visual Novel


To create or modify something.  
Eleanor concentrated on the ice and its coldness. It felt almost as if she was touching the ice herself, despite standing a distance away. She could feel the weight of the ice, and she could feel the pressure as ice collapsed on each other.   Eleanor: Say an animal, Annabel.     Without hesitation, Annabel said wolf.     And so the ice crushed into itself and created a handsome wolf mid howl.     Eleanor: I’ve only seen them in comics, but I hope that’s good enough.     Annabel: It’s not bad.     Annabel’s Mum: It’s amazing!     Annabel: Building magic is my favourite.  
Eleanor's Prologue - Sea Hears Visual Novel


To name an absolute that must be followed.  
Every two years a small alarm would sound on Alice Monaghan's desk. Each time it did, she would shudder, and painfully summon Shu Yang to her desk.   "Take this to his him." Alice instructed Shu Yang, whose only reply was a small subtle smile.   In Shu Yang's hands, was Louis Wright's teaching contract. Alice had quickly learned not to directly negotiate contract terms with the best law magi in the continent. Instead, send your most scariest, frightening teacher to do the work for you.   Louis Wright, the most calm and calculating teacher who could redefine human nature with his magic, would have to negotiate with Shu Yang, most definitely ex-military and rumoured to favour a slow and steady kind of torture. After a few days of choking silence between the teachers who would stubbornly remain sitting in Louis' office throughout the negotiation, the contract would finally be negotiated and signed.   During the negotiation, Alice would open some of her most vintage stock hidden underneath her desk. While nursing a strong whisky, she knew that by putting Louis Wright and Shu Yang in a room together, she had only made them worse.
    Subscribers can see a secret law.    


To call the elements of Gaia herself. The most powerful, yet unpredictable form of magic, that can drastically change the weather, redirect the sea, cause earthquakes, encourage wildlife to flock or disperse, and commune with the spirits, among other things.   It is calling magic that allowed Taru to find victory in the The Second Armada  
The Second Armada
Military Conflict | Jul 31, 2022
In the visual novel, each character will begin with slightly different bonuses in a concept. These will give small advantages as the story progresses, but their future actions and efforts will play a significantly bigger role in their abilities.

To do

    In order to use a concept of magic, one must learn the ways of doing. They are mainly casting, reading, calligraphy, potions and calling.  
"But calling is a concept." Eleanor frowned.   "Ah! Yes, very good. But it is also a way of doing." Professor Nephish said as he continued to scratch chalk on the blackboard.   "So you can call transportation magic?"   "Correct!"   "And you can call calling magic?"   "Absolutely!" Nephish turned around, motioning with his hands. "Why would you cast it? No - let me tell you why. It'd be an absolute disaster! Only, only use calling for calling magic. You can't say we didn't make it easy to remember."  
Eleanor and Professor Nephish
Metaphysical, Arcane
The seven concepts are often combined together to create effects. The Fire Dancing Club will use Destruction, Illusion and Transportation alongside Wushu, Wuxia and dance for their performances.       Restoration is one of the more difficult concepts first years will learn. It is one the reasons why students learn the physical skills of First Aid too, in case they had attempted to use restoration without teacher supervision!   Law-making and Calling can be especially difficult concepts, and students are strongly recommended not to attempt either of the two concepts until later years.


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