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The Voyage

In the visual novel, your character will be embarking on the voyage in their first or second chapter. The voyage will introduce several playable characters and will hint at what is to come.
  A traditional journey for students and teachers that ends at Taru International Academy situated on Yoko Island. Travelling to the island by ship is considered the safest method, and the voyage itself is said to help bond students and create new strong friendships.  
Annabel:About that...Why… Why does it have to be a voyage.   Annabel’s Mum relaxed her expression and let out a small laugh.   Annabel’s Mum: Taruan tradition, I’m afraid. Probably kept up by Lo Chen himself! It’ll be fine. Most of the time they make it in one piece.   Annabel: Most of the time?!   Annabel’s Mum: It’s fine. Lo Chen is the one commanding the ship. No wave will dare bother you.
Extract from Annabel's Prologue, in the Visual Novel
  The voyage uses Taruan junk boats, which are hidden away in underground water passages.  
Duncan's Prologue by Sailing Ocelot Studios
After the voyage, students attend The Opening Ceremony, a traditional ceremony to welcome in the new students.


Before the voyage begins, the captain will traditionally dispel spirits through a ritual called The Awakening, which involves ringing a bell, lighting incense and a prayer. Spirits lurking or clinging behind the old wood will then be dispelled from the ship. Many may feel angry from being 'awakened' and will momentarily terrorise those on board. Spirits with regret, anger or fear may target those who feel the same.  
Some students will struggle with The Awakening, while others might react unexpectedly.


During The Voyage, it is traditional and expected that students will assist the Captain, even if they lack experience. In the visual novel, students will be invited to take on the Sailor role, which focuses on the ensuring the ship remains at a good pace. Not too slow to attract sea monsters... Not too fast to break the ship!
The sailor role requires the shipwright skill and transportation magic.
#Marine Your first option is to use the ropes. This slows the ship down. If the ship goes too fast, we’ll damage it! Your shipwrighting skill affects the outcome of this option, but don’t worry. We all have to start somewhere.   #Jordan Yes, it is true, we have absolutely no skills in this, but we can try anyway.   #Marine That’s the spirit!
Extract from Annabel's Chapter 2
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Each character has a unique perspective on the voyage that will introduce personalities and lore. How will your character manage when things don't quite go as expected?

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