Yoko Island

Yoko Island is the primary setting of the Sea Hears visual novel, and is the location of the famous Magi school, Taru International Academy.   Yoko Island is considered part of Taru as a protected island. No one is allowed to live on Yoko Island but a Yoko Island native or citizen, and the non-native students and staff at the academy. Before the existence of magic became revealed to the public, local Taruan mythology depicted Yoko Island to be one of an archipelago of mythical islands. Taruan sailors sometimes supported the myth by claiming they could see an uncharted verdant island in the distance only for it to disappear from view.   As part of a secret magi tradition, students travel to the island to hone their abilities. Even though magic is now fully known to the world of Gaia, the locations of the magi academies are protected.   The local island natives and the magi on the island have lived in peace and harmony, living separately and meeting only on occasion for trade. In modern times older students have been allowed to visit the island villages respectfully to learn more about the Yoko people and to barter goods   The Yoko people prefer to live agricultural lifestyles and separate themselves from most modern forms of technology, though younger generations may travel to Taru often and become inspired to purchase Gear.


Yoko Island has a vast geography of forests, mountains, beaches, cliffs, rivers and lakes.  
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park by GrumpyWolf
  The tallest mountains can be found in the north east of Yoko, away from the academy and near the villages. Some of the mountains are long, and full of vegetation. Others stand thin and tall in impossible columns where birds can nest privately.  
The assorted mountains encircle an area called The Empty Space, which is "forbidden for all students who do not wish to suffer a very painful... suffering." as said by Professor Nephish.
  A small river passes through The Empty Space, and there is a very old bridge that gives access to an otherwise inaccessible place.   Away from The Empty Space lies Mia's Fall, which is the largest waterfall on the island. Students may have access to the waterfall and the lake, but must treat it respectfully, as it was once an historically sacred place to the ancient Yoko people.   Across the waterfall, there is dense forest that separates the TIA Campus from the islanders' villages. Bold cliffs feature on the south west and south east side of the island, with a few breaks of coastline.
Alternative Name(s)
Isle of Mist
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