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In the world of Gaia, advanced tech tools called Gear are commonly available and used across generations of people.   Gear allows the user to install programs to communicate with others, view maps, solve mathematical problems and interact with functions found in society, such as unlocking doors, proving one's ID and booking subtrain tickets. Gear has become an integral part of most societies.  
In Grub's prologue, Grub struggles when his Gear runs out of energy. The player will have to choose how Grub finds his way back to the hotel.
  Not everyone enjoys using Gear. Student Jordan uses glasses without any of the Gear technology. Many Magi believe that their magic can clash with technology and corrupt both their magic and the tech, so will not wear Gear. Southern Islanders may distance themselves from technology in order to develop themselves harmoniously with Gaia.


It is thought that when humanity lived on hand before they fled to the sea, that they once had separate names for technology, distinguishing them with names such as phone, glasses, suitcase, headphones and wristwatch. Now, Humans distinguish Gear through brand names and product names. Most gear are as capable as each other. For example, gear that is worn on the wrist or as a necklace is just as capable with its function as a hovercase, or a tablet.   Much of the technology for Gear comes from Edgard, whose products are still highly regarded by consumers.
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