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Nathaniel Maximus Grub

Grub is a student at Taru International Academy. He is a playable character intended for the First Wave.   Hailing from a well known family and raised in an historical castle in the East Federation, it may be presumed that Grub has had a relatively easy and sheltered life. However, whatever comfortable life Grub may have had changed dramatically when his parents left him in a foreign country after an argument. With a few days left before Grub enrols into the academy, Grub realises that he is truly alone. With his Gear confiscated preventing contact with his only true friend, Grub must endure the challenge of meeting new people and accepting new ideas, or resolve to persist in isolation.  
by Sailing Ocelot Studios

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Life at Balaur Rock demands tough legs and good overall fitness. With the castle situated at the top of a steep mountainous outcrop, Grub would have to climb up and down through careful steps, and at times, hold ladders and rope to make his journey safely. Because of this, Grub was instructed on solving climbing challenges and learned how to fall safely. He endured cross country running challenges set by his personal fitness tutor, and further challenges by his parents which Grub had to complete until he passed their expectations.   At eleven years old, Grub is very fit but not overly muscular, which means he may be underestimated by others. He will have interest in the wushu class, however after enjoying the freedom of the Taru International Academy, he will find it hard to respect and adopt discipline in grinding training and exercise again.

Facial Features

Grub often has a heavy frown on his face, as if he is disproving of something or another. His heavy, dark eyebrows are expressive, and even more so are his dark eyes. A glance from Grub can be noticed from even the most oblivious of students, who can feel as if they are being analysed in a calculating, logical sort of manner.

Physical quirks

Grub often crunches his hands into fists, especially when he is angry, but also as a subconscious way of calming himself down. During his childhood, it wasn't possible to declare his opinions outright, so he had to learn ways of suppressing them.

Special abilities

Grub cannot remember a day that he had not known he was a magi. He has always been aware of his abilities, especially in Destruction magic. Grub enjoys the feeling of raw power and control, and will seek to improve it through practical exercises, though is also especially gifted in studying. Grub is often underestimated for his abilities, due to his personality.

Apparel & Accessories

Grub will always wear smart, tailored clothing. Occasionally, he'll wear cufflinks on his shirt, or one of his family rings. However, as he settles into the academy, they'll only make him yearn for home, so he will hide them away.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Being brought up in a high class family in the East Federation comes with certain expectations. High grades, high intelligence, high power. As the only heir to the Grub family, Grub must ensure he meets the expectations of not just his own family, but the other families nearby who at the first sign of weakness, may challenge the Grubs for their land and their home. Such a challenge must be avoided at all costs, because if they were to lose the challenge, then the family secret will no longer be protected. Grub does not yet understand that the secret is so important, that if it isn't kept secure it could mean the end of the independence of the East Federation itself.  
Grub has never travelled away from his family's land. That is, until he is forced to travel to Taru and attend the academy. He begins his first year as a student not knowing the significance of the family secret, until one day it occurs to him. The students believe what Grub has taken for granted in his childhood are simply myths from the Old World.
Grub is an only child, born to Alexandru Maximum Grub and Isabella Momentum III Grub. His parents afforded him a strict upbringing, and paid private tutors to teach Grub in academia, East Federation culture and politics, personal fitness and magic from a young age.  
There can be no hiding the truth that I felt all hope diminish when I first saw him.
He was, by all meanings of the word, a brat.
A work in progress short story featuring one of Grub's tutors
  Grub respected his tutors, and had a moderately good relationship with some of them. He wouldn't confide in any of them, however. Instead, Grub grew to internalise his fears and his shortcomings.
by Sailing Ocelot Studios

Grub did not attend school, however there were many occasions where he would meet children from the local villages within and outside the Grub family. He never had very close friends, but considers Elaine his closest. He often visits Elaine with her younger sister, and has her contact stored in his Gear, until his parents delete it on the day he arrives to Taru. Luckily, Elaine wrote him a letter than Grub has stored in his suitcase, to read later at the hotel. Elaine is one of the few outside his family that he feels he can trust.  
In the visual novel, Grub will be eager to read his letter from Elaine. However, if you make certain choices in the prologue, you may lose it! Be careful!

Failures & Embarrassments

Shortly after arriving in Taru, Grub and his parents argued. The result led to his parents deciding to leave Grub corruptly alone after their meal. Grub was shocked that his parents would leave him alone in a foreign country.  
In the visual novel, Grub's prologue begins as Grub searches for his hotel.

Intellectual Characteristics

Grub is often underestimated due to his biased nature and dislike of authority. He is very knowledgeable and has never found studying in the past to be very difficult. Grub's high grades may annoy and upset rivals, or other students who are struggling.

Personality Characteristics


To survive, and to get through school.   Due to the circumstances of being left alone in Taru, Grub has developed a dark melancholy, and feels unmotivated to succeed academically despite him being very capable. Because of this, Grub may be easily persuaded to skip class.

Likes & Dislikes

Grub likes to be understood by other people, and prefers to be with others who agree with him and share similar views. Being thought of as weak makes him very uncomfortable, despite Grub not being a show off. Because of this, Grub will hide his emotions and his abilities, though will discover his upbringing did give him some advantages over other students. He dislikes crowds, and thought he truly wants a friend, he doesn't want to admit it. For a true friend, Grub could show great loyalty.  

Vices & Personality flaws

Grub is hot headed and is quick to assume the worst. He is impatient, and gives little thought to reflecting on his weaknesses and improving them. While at Taru International Academy, Grub's biggest critic is himself, and his personality would send him questioning his actions and speech throughout the night.


Family Ties

Grub has a very formal relationship with his parents, who have laid bare their clear expectations on him. Grub knows no other kind of parenting or family, so will be surprised and overwhelmed by learning about other people's upbringing in Taru International Academy. He will believe that his parents were more strict that others because he is indeed special, the one heir to the Grub family.   When he was younger, he overheard staff members at the castle whispering about a curse his family had, only to have one child each generation. With a little research, Grub learned that the lineage indeed only had one surviving child.

Social Aptitude

Grub is notoriously bad at socialising with others, and will have to accept he will make mistakes if he wants to socialise and make friends with others.
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Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Heir to the Grub household.
Date of Birth
25th Solwu
Dark brown
Curly, black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Stop trying to pretend everything is rainbow and sunshine…"  
Visual Novel: Grub's Chapter 3
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Hayke

What is in a name?

  As is traditional in the East Federation, Grub goes by his surname, rather than his first name. Typically, in the East Federation, strong acquaintances and friends would call each other by their second names, in the case for Grub this would be 'Maximus'. Only best friends or lovers would use one's first names, which for Grub would be 'Nathaniel.' However, as Grub belongs to a very high family which owns land, most people would call Grub by his surname out of respect.     There is a lot of nature at Balaur Rock. Grub certainly wouldn't squirm if there was an insect or snake appearing from the bushes!

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