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To her many springs and her many tides
to her many pools and her many sides,
to her long rivers and to summer nights
to her lush forests and the tallest heights,
Oh how kind the mother can be
if only we were verdant and green.

- Amelia Wright, Brivanne.
  Gaia is the name of the world that Sea Hears Project resides in. Gaia is home to continents, archipelagos and wide ocean floors.   In the visual novel, the main setting is the Taru International Academy in the country of Taru , though many other countries are heavily referenced.

Fauna & Flora

  Gaia has a wealth of flora across the land and in the depths of the seas that provide abundant food for its inhabitants. Seaweed and kelp grow on top of the seabed and supply both sea dwelling creatures, Merfolk and humans with an abundance of food. Ticklish Kelp is a popular species of sea fauna for its adaptable qualities and use in food and materials. Between the seaweed and kelp lies countless species of fish, sea slugs, Sea Rabbits , crustaceans and cephalopods.    Across the land, vegetables, fruit, rice, wheat and other valuable edible foods are carefully cultivated through fields and hydrotowers. Continents on Gaia may vary significantly in flora and fauna, with life adapting assiduously to its environment.


  Much of the history of Gaia has long been forgotten, however the majority of humanity is aware that there was a time where their ancestors lived on giant frigates sailing across the many seas, an era known as Before Land. There was a time where the sea was much more peaceful and relaxed in nature, however a turning point for the era was when the seas launched tsunamis against armadas and birthed undefeatable weapons. Living on the aged frigates was no longer a feasible way to survive and humanity fled to land.   It is undeniable that humanity had once lived on land before adopting a live on the sea, but the reason for their sudden departure is also unknown. Scientists, historians and archaeologists refer to this as  The Great Mystery, with the worldwide media launching several articles and documentaries on this topic every year.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mother, The Living World, The Goddess,
Inhabiting Species

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