Annabel Moreau

Annabel is a student at Taru International Academy . She is a playable character planned to be released for the First Wave.  
Annabel’s Mum She has to go, love.   Annabel’s Dad I know that too.   Annabel’s Mum If she doesn’t-   Annabel’s Dad Yes, I know. And I don’t want to overwhelm her. But it’s tough. She deserves everything, and more. I wish I could dote on her more. Be the father I’ve dreamed of not-  
Extract from Annabel's prologue
  Annabel knew there was no choice but to attend the academy. Not only was she a Magi but as her parents would discuss in hushed whispers, Annabel was too vulnerable and had too much potential to lose control over her powers. Annabel must choose how to deal with the trauma of her past, while keeping the truth close away from suspicious students. After all, her parents used the word vulnerable right? And if Annabel was vulnerable... What would that mean for the students?  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As everyone in the room left, Annabel was alone with Eleanor. Great. Eleanor stared briefly at Annabel’s arms. Annabel bit her lip to prevent a growl and held onto herself.   Eleanor I wasn’t staring.   Annabel Yes you were.  
Extract from visual novel - Annabel's prologue
Shui Ling Oh come on, Lo Chen. It doesn’t take magic eyes to see it. The outwardly cold expression, the folded arms, the hoodie worn by a child who clearly knows that Taru is a very hot country.   Lo Chen Don’t make her uncomfortable.   Shui Ling On the contrary. I’ll be watching out for her. I’m sure you will as well.  
Extract from Lo Chen's café scene
  Annabel has visible scarring on her face and arms. She will often wear long sleeved shirts and jumpers, despite the hot Taruan climate.

Physical quirks

Eleanor How are we going to carry them?   Annabel It’s fine, I can do it.   Comic Shopkeeper I can get my son to drop it off with KuaiGo.   Annabel It’s fine, I can carry it…   Comic Shopkeeper It’s no trouble. You can scan the blue code.   Annabel 
Extract from Annabel's prologue in the visual novel
    Annabel is surprisingly strong for her age and can pick up heavy objects without much difficulty. This is a skill Annabel doesn't show off, but is confident with. Annabel's Mum has inspired her to work out and improve her fitness for her mental health.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Annabel was born in Taru and holds majority Taruan ethnicity, with some heritage of Fanfarom from her mother's side, and Cantari on her father's side. As told by her parents, both sides of the family once had an intense rivalry that ended with a mutual agreement and a supposed curse - no one on either side shall ever unite with the other as lovers. The union of Annabel's parents was met with disgust on both sides. Not surprised but disappointed, Annabel's parents decided to name their child Annabel, after the ill-fated woman who began the rivalry - a Fanforom woman's love for a Cantari man which was cruelly torn apart by the families. Despite the offence Annabel's parents caused, they kept in touch with their families to their deepest regret.   At a young age, Annabel suffered from a traumatic incident that left permanent scars and trauma. To combat her night terrors, Annabel went through therapy and remained home-schooled. Annabel is estranged from her family other than her parents who she has a close bond, despite her parents still mourning their own failure to protect her. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, Annabel adopted a rebellious front with her clothing, style and attitude. This phase of Annabel's has been more than tolerated, with Annabel's mother often sharing stories of her own rebellious past.


Annabel learned well from the tutorage of her parents. Her father taught her the sciences and math, and would occasionally show her the engineering projects he was working on, while her mother taught her languages and magic.

Mental Trauma

Annabel will not open up to her trauma, but will find ways of managing it.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Annabel appreciates her father's work in engineering even though she may never admit it openly. She is also fond of watching the night sky, listening to alternative music and reading comics. In the visual novel, Annabel decides to take one last walk around Taru on the night before the voyage to the academy. The non-stop busy Taruan streets are a comfort to her, and she enjoys reading her comics under the noise. Unfortunately, someone interrupts her, but it is up to you how they're dealt with.
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Date of Birth
11th Shytar
Dark brown
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Taruan, Common, a little Classical Fanforom.

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