Medevék Culture Club

Founded by Master Nekhii , Medevék Culture Club is for students wishing to learn about Medevék culture. Club members will have opportunities to socialise with each other and participate in Medevék cultural activities.   Because of the political situation in Medevék, which forces all magi to live in exile, many Medev students become very homesick. The aim for the club is to become a source of comfort for students and to teach Medev and non-Medev students about Medevék culture. There is no doubt among staff that the club also has a political purpose - to raise awareness of the Medev peoples' struggles.  
Unlike some other school clubs, there are three opportunities to join Medevék Cultural Club in the school year. Students who join may receive a small increase to their Medev language skill, and will gain favour with many Medev students.
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With some clubs, you may repeat club membership for another semester or two. When you do so, the scene will be simplified and there will be no new opportunities to participate in the club story for that year. Your character's skills however can continue to improve, as well their relationship with club members.   This will also be the case for the Medevék Cultural Club.
  First years who join the club will be invited to help plan a small festival to celebrate Medev culture. They will be tasked to fetch items, fix bunting and attend the festival. Between each task, characters may interact with other students to gain friendship and learn more about their stories. Bor, Jochi, Yargui, Khunbish and Terbish are first year Medev students who will attend the club. Daniel will also attend.  

Minevi khovana / All of us together

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  It has become a recent tradition for the Medevék Culture Club to perform in The Opening Ceremony. They often perform a couple of orchestral pieces alongside wuxia dancing augmented by displays of magic.   When Medev students first arrive at the academy, as they would not have been formerly exposed to magic or to the Medev diaspora culture, there will be many elements of culture shock. For this reasons Medev students are permitted to arrive early, and may perform in the opening ceremony to help become integrated into the club and feel included.  
"I knew I couldn't be a member of the audience watching all of these familiar instruments, while others sitting beside me would see them as strange or exotic. I couldn't stand to hear any whispers about them, or to see them not paying attention at all. Focusing on music and rhythm given to me by my parents, and keeping eyes only on Nekhii, was the only way I could get through that day and feel some kind of peace and hope."  

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