The Edgardian ethnicity originates in Edgard , a country known as the Domelands. Once isolated from the rest of the world, Edgardians may now travel freely outside as well as embrace new visitors intrigued by dome life. Due to history of isolation and the risk of tourists succumbing to Dome Sickness, many Edgardian products are seen as highly exotic exports; a chance to have a piece of a faraway and little understood culture sitting politely on a shelf at home or dangling on a key chain. Edgardian technology is also highly regarded as glamorous must-have tech, though these products have an international emphasis in their marketing, rather than a traditional or exotic one.


Major language groups and dialects

The main language among Edgardians is... Edgardian! Nearly all Edgardians speak, write or sign Edgardian (EGS). Other dialects of Edgardian exist, as well as separate languages passed down from families or spoken in a certain dome. Nüspeak was once considered the 'Pre-Edgardian' language and was only maintained by a few families in Ruby City, but after the Isolation ended, it was noted that there were some similarities between Nüspeak and Cantarian and Federation and it is a popular language to learn in Edgard and by others outside of Edgard.   Ratan is seen as a very old and spiritual language. Many monks in the Ebony dome learn and speak Ratan, as well as many families in Pastel.   Due to the loss of the database, the original development of Edgardian and the other dialects and languages are known, but historians like to examine archaic sayings to gather theories.  
Kayra, mon haru ta. Xi hen ra, mi shu koru ha. / Today, our sun rises. One heart beats softly, so we can sow. - Official Edgardian Motto

Shared customary codes and values

Edgardian culture is influenced by dome-dwelling life. Much of the data surrounding the origin of the Domes is lost due to [UNKNOWN ERROR], but it is thought that survival was dependent on hard work, engineering and problem-solving skills under pressure, preserving materials and reducing waste, and being efficient with space. Many of these attributes continue in codes and shared values, especially towards being hardworking and not hoarding material goods. Homes in Edgardian are small and compact, yet have innovative storage solutions. Popular items such as miniatures are collected, rather than large home decorations and accessories. With the addition of a growing tourism industry and cultural exportation, life has become much more luxurious in Edgard. Despite developing a greener and more technologically advanced lifestyle, Edgardians are often working some of the longest hours in the world.    There are six domes in Edgard, all with their own specialities. Despite the differences between these domes, they are all seen as Edgardian.


Beauty Ideals

Subtle, wearable tech and graphic or animated t-shirts is a trendy aesthetic for the younger generations, while others may prefer chic or subtly decorated shirts, skirts, dresses and trousers. Older generations prefer formal attire with mildly tight sleeves and long trousers or skirts. Exposure of the body below the knees or the chest is seen as tacky or cheap, and a sign of someone who believes that good fortune will come to them without the need of hard work.

Courtship Ideals

  Edgardians do not keep pets nor pick flowers, though may enjoy growing their own flowers or plants at home as a hobby. Flowers are not sold in Edgard and are not allowed to be picked, so an Edgardian may see it as very impolite to receive a flower, or even a piece of jewellery with a flower on it. Receiving a small succulent is a way of saying "I want a baby with you" which is seen as very crude for younger generations, though as a funny gift from a close couple already in love.   Sharing hobbies with each other and finding someone to connect with who has similar interests and goals in life is the true courtship and relationship ideal. Relationships of convenience are less idealised as they once were.

Major organizations

Tilde  is an Edgardian who is a playable character in the Sea Hears visual novel.
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