Mega Domes

A Mega Dome is a structure which houses a self-sufficient environment capable of sustaining life. There are six Mega Domes in existence and they can only be found in Edgard . These Mega Domes cover entire cities, provide unique living environments and prevent any land based entry or exit.

Purpose / Function

Life on the Sanguin continent is hostile and dangerous. Those born in Sanguin often suffer from conditions such as Shrinking Bones , which without the right treatment, can cause agony to the sufferer. The mega domes allow residents to live a very safe life, away from predators, violence from tribes and prevents children being born from such conditions, resulting in theories that the diseases are airborne.   The education system teaches Edgardians that long ago, their ancestors fled from violence in the seas, and violence on land, through gambling all of their remaining resources and technological prowess on The Dome Project. The gamble paid off, and Edgardians lived in relative isolation for hundreds of years.


Due to numerous unusual historical events, much technological data - including historical records, were erased and lost. During these times, new methods for maintaining and developing the domes had to be rapidly developed. For this reason, engineers are highly valued in Edgard. The youngest dome, Snow City, uses new technology that was unlike anything their ancestors had used to build the previous domes.


Edgard is nurturing a growing tourism industry. However, new visitors may find they suffer from Dome Sickness , as a result of being enclosed and unable to observe the natural sky.
Founding Date
Mostly unknown
Megastructure, Land based
Related Ethnicities

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