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Snow City

Snow City is the newest Mega Dome in Edgard. It is the first dome to have been built since the world lost much of its old technology through a series of bizarre technological memory wipes. It is significant not only because it proves that Edgard can still create and expand its unique way of living, but also because it introduces a completely new climate for local residents. For the first time, citizens may experience snow in Edgard.   Snow City has a reputation of being the city of childhood dreams, playfulness and recreation, and holding incredible Holo concerts.


Most of the population in Edgard are Edgardians. Snow City holds a small proportion of temporary and permanent immigrants, with a significant proportion of tourists.   Due to Dome Sickness, many people who were not born and raised in a dome may not be able to physically and mentally cope with the lifestyle.


As with the other domes, there is no way to enter Snow City except through public transport (maglev) through specialised tunnels that connect the domes to each other. Each dome is segregated away from the Sanguin Tribes who may roam the same continent, but have no way to access the city. Those who wish to visit Snow City from aboard would have to take the Subtrain to the Blue City, then the maglev to Snow City.   Living in the dome significantly reduces the risk of Bloodrot, Shrinking Bones  and other conditions that are common for people living on the Sanguin continent without the dome's protection.

Industry & Trade

Much of the industry in Snow City is on innovation, especially with technology that uses Gear and useful software applications. Gaming industries, music industries and creative industries, are also common place in Snow City.


Snow City attracts local and international tourists throughout the year, who flock to the city to experience its famous weather control systems, its holo concerts and unique atmosphere. There are specialised usami meshu and collectable merchandise available only in the city, offering unique and memorable moments for visitors. Snow City has a large number of entertainment venues which encourages playfulness, such as arcade amusements.  

The Snow Wave

  The opening of Snow City brought in a great deal of excitement on an international scale. Finally, Edgard was able to prove that it was still able to build new domes, and even improve on the original design. The Edgardian government launched a strong advertisement campaign, in the hopes of showcasing the uniqueness of the dome and erase any doubt on its safety. They sponsored small businesses to deliver free usami meshu and unique merchandise randomly to crowds, and organised holo concerts with local and international stars. Some Edgardians were employed to help out tourists, and to personally deliver snow globes to international visitors. Several foreign ambassadors were invited to the grand opening, and it was seen as a huge success.   The rapid success of Snow City, and the resulting wave of tourists becoming very interested in Edgardian culture is often referred to as the 'Snow Wave'. The Snow Wave has helped Edgardian idols become internationally recognised, and many Edgardian products are brought by customers around the world, some whom may not be able to afford a ticket to visit Edgard themselves. This has caused some misrepresentation of Edgardian culture, some people may not only struggle with Dome Sickness, but also from culture shock when they realise Edgard may be different to what they believed.  

The Dream

  The Snow City was carefully built with infrastructure in mind, which means that the concert buildings are spectacular, and ideal places to perform. Many international performers who are Magi are now encouraged by their producers and label to study meticulously, so they can pass exams to be allowed to enter. There is only one chance to take the exams, and failure means that the magi performer may never visit Edgard. Currently, Edgardians view a performer's failure of exams as a sign of laziness and will deliberately avoid being a fan of such. Due to Edgard's cultural influence, many fans may also agree with the Edgardian point of view, which could end a performer's career permanently.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Childhood Dreams
Large city
Owning Organization
by Sailing Ocelot
by Pi
  Ayakan usami, 'Snow Buns', are a kind of Usami Meshu that form part of delicious Edgardian delicacy. They originated from the Snow Dome, and are a representative of the 'Snow Wave'.  


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