Tilde is a student at Taru International Academy. She is a playable character that is planned to be released in the First Wave.   As an Edgardian and a Magi, Tilde must leave the dome country, Edgard , and study at a magic academy for an exam that she must take by the age of 17. It's a one take exam only, and failure means never returning home. Tilde must carefully balance her studies with her personal life, while enduring another significant challenge. The strange visions she has been having since the age of 6 are becoming more lucid and well...  
Sometimes I wake up with scars or scratches
and sometimes there’s blood on my pillow…

Physical Description

Special abilities

Shui Ling glided across the ship and landed straight to Tilde. Their hands glowed as they touched her shoulder.   Annabel: Shui Ling… What is happening?   Shui Ling examined Annabel briefly. Annabel was surprised by their serious expression.   Shui Ling: Spirits often attach themselves to old things. They aren’t happy about leaving. This isn’t good…   Annabel: What’s wrong with her?   Shui Ling seemed to inspect Annabel’s expression again. Then they smiled.   Shui Ling: Patient confidentiality, I’m afraid.  
Visual Novel: Chapter 1 of Annabel's Story

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tilde was born in Emerald City , the biggest and greenest dome in Edgard. She has lived the majority of her life in this dome, but has travelled to the other domes before leaving Edgard to attend the Taru International Academy. Like most children her age, Tilde's favourite dome is the Snow Dome, the only dome capable of producing snow and cold weather. Tilde has fond memories travelling to the Snow Dome with her best friend, Maisy, to watch various concerts, live and Holo.   Since the age of six, Tilde has suffered from nightmares and day time visions. However, Tilde's maturity and her often cold relationship with her parents prevented Tilde from mentioning this to her family or her best friend. It was only until she woke up in hospital was she 'diagnosed' as a magi, with her condition being linked to her suppressed abilities.


Education is a highly valued pursuit in Edgard, and many students feel a great deal of pressure competing with one another to earn a place in the best private schools. To the surprise of her family, Tilde failed her exam to attend a prominent school, after suffering a panic attack from one of her visions. After realising she had failed the exam, Tilde accidentally hurt herself with magic. She woke up in hospital, being told that she would have a month to prepare and to get ready for a radically new life.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Tilde had previously scored very highly in exams and unlike her brother, was an accomplished student during most of her time in Edgard. Tilde enjoyed learning languages in particular, and was able to become relatively fluent in Common in a short time.

Mental Trauma

At first, Tilde felt overwhelmed by learning for the first time that she was magi. However, it soon felt like a potential escape that she had longed for. For a long time, Tilde's parents have been fighting and the atmosphere at home has become very cold and dispassionate. Tilde reasons that as a magi, she would never have been able to attend the school even if she had been accepted. Edgardian law states that all magi must leave the country, attend a foreign school for magi and pass their exams in order to return. And if all magi receive strange visions and nightmares too, well, attending the school and finding a way to control them is a good thing, right?   However, the fear of failing her future exams haunts her somewhat, as well as potentially succumbing to Skyburn , a condition which effects some Edgardians who leave the dome for the first time. And then... There'd be the question of companionship and friends. Tilde didn't find it easy to make friends in Emerald City. What is it going to be like in an international school far away from home?

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Tilde enjoys learning about mythologies, wildlife and reading interesting books. She also enjoys art and loves a tidy, clean desk with a few healthy plants sitting beside her.   Tilde will feel anxious after skipping a class, and prefers to take her studying seriously. She values good grades and won't take kindly to folks who may try to distract her or cause her grades to fall.


Family Ties

Tilde has an older brother called Tieran. While Tilde can happily play with Tieran through VR, they don't often talk about personal feelings, even their thoughts on their parents. Despite both siblings being aware that their parents are deeply unhappy with each other. To their parents disappointment, Tieran dropped out of school and prefers to stay in his room for the majority of his time, though will occasionally leave to go to the shops, alone.

Hobbies & Pets

Tilde loves to collect and nurture plants. Unfortunately she can't take them with her to Taru , and privately believes her brother and her parents will forget to take care of them. Tilde also enjoys collecting Beanz, interactive pets that can play various games and battle each other, and Wen, an old-school Holo trading card game. Holo is banned in Taru, so when Tilde enrols in the new school she has to abandon much of her personal hobbies and interests.
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Date of Birth
28th Jtar
Emerald City
Current Residence
Quotes & Catchphrases
Are you really coming, big brother? - Chapter 0, Tilde, Visual Novel.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Edgardian, Some Nüspeak, Some Ratan, Common
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