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Sea Hears


The motivation behind building Sea Hears

Sea Hears Project is centred on the lives of students and teachers associated with the Taru International Academy. Players of the visual novel will be able to select from a variety of characters - students and teachers - and play through seven years of their lives. It is an opportunity to engage with a variety of personalities, make meaningful and impactful decisions, selectively nurture magic and skills and examine and interact with an unfolding plot as you and your character understands it.   Inspired by solarpunk, science fantasy, sea battles and magic, Sea Hears Project is designed to be a thrilling visual novel catering for diverse player styles. Stats, bonuses and friendships can be acuminated through decisions and careful planning, or through simply enjoying the story.   As the creator of Sea Hears Project, I wanted to create a compelling medium where players can navigate the world through their own whims and inspirations. I have often enjoyed the idea of exploring the consequences of our decisions, and the burden of choice. I want to challenge the idea of 'light vs darkness', 'good vs evil', 'right vs wrong'. I want players to appreciate their character's unique thoughts and ambitions, mould them, and see how this effects the world around them. Therefore meaningful choices with an immersive plot and an enchanting cast of characters are at the centre of the project.   I would like to contribute to the world of fiction by creating an inclusive world, where the drama resides in politics, clash of cultures and way of life, and science vs magic. Culture, rather than ethnicity or race, is the potentially dividing force, and there is a valuable cast of LGBTQ+ characters. I hope to move away from unnecessary topics of debate, and promote a discussion or reflection on how we ourselves create our societies, is there a perfect way of living, how can we balance our beliefs and ideologies peacefully with the rest of the world?   I believe that Sea Hears has a lot to offer, so I will continue to work hard to see its completion.

The goal of the project

Sea Hears Project is about challenging expectations and ideologies. I hope that alongside followers and fans, we can build a community that can support Sea Hears Project to its competition. A hub, where players can become inspired and take the world further through their own imaginative lenses. I would like players to be able to enjoy a completed visual novel, with beautiful accompanying backgrounds, music and dozens of characters to choose from.

Sea Hears's Unique Selling point

SeaHears is a visual novel that is truly unlike any other. Explore a complex world of entangled cultures and ideologies, create meaningful decisions that could effect the fate of a nation such as joining a rebellion or supporting a common cause, learn to command ships and organise crew members, explore and decode the many strange mysteries on Yoko island.   Whether you wish to focus on developing your character's stats to become the ultimate magi, chase positive friendships and relationships, become the best school clan, succeed in a certain concept of magic or concentrate on your character's plot and storylines, the visual novel caters for all kinds of players.   Begin by choosing your character in the start menu. Each character has a unique intro story that will introduce their personality and perspectives before they begin their term at Taru International Academy. As the plot moves forward, players will be able to progress their character's arch alongside the main plot and recognise the impact of their playstyle as the journey continues.

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