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There are several clubs in Taru International Academy that students are welcome to join. While the general preference of the school administration is that clubs are inclusive, some clubs have limited membership and may prioritise students with certain skills, attributes or interests.   Students may join one club at a time, and may change to another club after the end of the semester. Joining a club is optional, but it does allow students to make new friends that they may not have made otherwise, gain new skills and even earn merits for certain subjects.  

First Year Club Opportunities

Club Semester Benefits
Swimming Club 1 Swimming & Diving skill +
Fire Dancing Club 1 Destruction & Dance skill +
Drama Club 1 Illusion & Dance skill +
Wushu Club 1 Wushu Skill +
Riding Club 1 Animals Skill +
Medevék Culture Club 1 Medev & Languages Skill
Swimming Club 2 Swimming & Diving skill +
Drama Club 2 Illusion & Dance skill +
Wushu Club 2 Wushu Skill +
Medevék Culture Club 2 Medev & Languages Skill
Ice Dancing* 2 Illusion, Destruction and Dance Skill +
Reading Club 2 Transportation, Building, Law-Making and Reading Skill
Diving Club* 3 Swimming & Diving skill +
Swimming Club 3 Swimming & Diving skill +
Medevék Culture Club 3 Medev & Languages Skill
Languages Club 3 Reading & Languages Skill +
Casting Club 3 Illusion, Restoration, Destruction, Building and Casting Skill
  Clubs with * have special requirements to join. Benefits with + may give additional grade benefits to classes.  
In the visual novel, there are opportunities to join a club each semester. Clubs are optional. By joining a club, you have access to a new story contained with that club that you may wish to join in or completely ignore! After completing the club for one semester, you may rejoin it but you won't have access to the story parts again, even if you ignored it the first time. You will still continue to gain new skills!
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