The Vermillion Bird Dormitories - The Palace

"Of course they would get the palace." Grub muttered.
"I don't understand what you mean." Tilde said. "I think its all rather grand."
"Look at that glass..." Duncan said as his head stretched from left to right.
"It means they don't practice magic much, as they don't worry about replacing windows. They must be so bad they focus on their drawing skills instead."
  • Exploring the houses with Grub, Tilde and Duncan 
  • The Palace is home to several music and art rooms available for all students during the day, and to several additional rooms for the Vermillion Bird clan to use 24/7. It is also home to the private common room for the clan and their dormitories.   The dormitories are called nests by the prefects, and students are assigned nests according to complex mathematical calculations based on their birth date, their gender, their offspell, and various other details.   Situated near the water gardens and the aroma tunnel, the palace compliments the local scenery with a careful balance of stone and glass. At the back of the building (which is inaccessible to non-Vermillion Bird members) the building is very light and modern looking.  

    Purpose / Function

    The purpose of the palace is to provide a place for students to practice the arts as they wish. The staff at Taru International Academy have carefully ensured that there is access to an assortment of art materials and instruments from around the world. Such efforts have inspired the Medevék Culture Club, which created an orchestra to promote their culture's music as students became inspired to learn and master new instruments.   Magic is not encouraged alongside the art, but nor is it discouraged if it is used for a creative or artistic purpose. Shui Ling , Head of the Vermillion Clan and Master of Calligraphy, only asks for students to be cautious, and to ask for a teacher's assistance in experimental practice.  
    by Gam-Ol
    Meili didn't remember how she arrived in the room, nor how long she had been leaning against the door. She didn't even remember making the decision to visit the art rooms but...   Just paint.   She remembered their words. She took a paintbrush with a shaking hand and it dipped in paint. 'Can I really do this? Can I really paint on the walls?' Her heart began to race. She timidly slid the paint to create a dark curve along the white bare wall.   'No, this won't do.' And without another thought, Meili lifted up one of the tins of paint that was conveniently peeled open and threw it across the room. The metal tin crashed against the floor and rolled by her feet. There was several other colours to choose from, so Meili chose them all and felt a great weight fly from her shoulders.
      The counselling rooms in Block B can be very helpful for students, but other students may prefer to find comfort in the creative arts. Shui Ling is often known to hint that students should visit the rooms, which are often prepared in coincidence for the student.
    Common area
    Owning Organization
      The Vermillion Bird Clan focuses on self-expression and composure. Their philosophy is to encourage each other's creativity rather than compete against each other, as they prefer to celebrate the multi-talents of individual talents rather than group themselves. Vermillion Bird clan members enjoy sharing tea ceremonies, which the palace is an excellent setting for.       In order to encourage Vermillion Bird clan members to get to know each other, there are several clan days where members are encouraged to participate on an art project. Clan members may gain new skills or learn a particular art style from a culture that are unfamiliar with. Older clan members may volunteer to teach during this events, and some clan members enjoy trading their art with each other. Art may also include dance, music, drama and natural art alongside the art medium.     The Palace contains various glass features throughout the building, and is often expanding depending on the whims of both teachers and students.     Unlike other areas of the campus aimed at creating a sense of balance and mindfulness for the students, much of the art is to exaggerate emotions, encouraging students to express themselves freely without hesitation.

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