Shui Ling

Master of Calligraphy Shui Ling

Shui Ling is the Master of Calligraphy at Taru International Academy . Famous for their fabulous personality and eccentricity.    
"I take it from your silence that you’re in complete awe of my new outfit! Isn’t it spectacular? Oh, everyone has been very jealous but that wasn’t what I was going for Chen-Chen! I was hoping to spread some good cheer around here… Especially with all this drab weather… Why don’t they just call it a rainy season like everyone else?" Extract from Visual Novel

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity


Morality & Philosophy

It is difficult to know much about Shui Ling, although their morals and philosophy will be brought up in class, and on occasion, outside when Shui Ling feels right to intervene. Doing the right thing, protecting the students, and being dazzling all the time seem to be the most solidi of Shui Ling's code. Though they take no credit for it, Shui Ling has been known to be there just when they're needed, and will disappear when they're not.  
Shui Ling You know, it’s not **** I’ll feel sorry for this year. That child over there. That’s the one I’ll feel sorry for.   Lo Chen … It’s not my business to comment.   Shui Ling Oh come on, Lo Chen. It doesn’t take magic eyes to see it. The outwardly cold expression, the folded arms, the hoodie worn by a child who clearly knows that Taru is a very hot country.     Lo Chen Don’t make her uncomfortable.   Shui Ling On the contrary. I’ll be watching out for her. I’m sure, you will as well.  
  • Extract from Visual Novel - Lo Chen
  • Social

    Contacts & Relations

    On the surface, Shui Ling doesn't seem to have many strong bonds with the other teachers, and prefers to be either alone in their study, or the loudest one at the party. There is no middle ground.   Relationship with Lo Chen
    Shui Ling isn't too sure why Lo Chen seems disgruntled every time they are assigned to work together, but they suspect it may be that Lo Chen has no sense of humour or joy and is far too serious. It could also be because Shui Ling enjoys calling them Chen-Chen.   Relationship with Alice
    Shui Ling has a very professional relationship with Alice and doesn't tend to play around as much as they'd like to. On occasion, they will share tea together in private and enjoy each other's company.   Relationship with Shu Yang
    Most of the teachers have a difficult relationship with Shu Yang, believing she is a spy. Shui Ling keeps their opinions to themself, but will intervene if they feel Shu Yang is unnecessarily bullying someone else. Another teacher, for example.

    Family Ties

    Shui Ling has a brother and a sister they'll mention from time to time.
    Currently Held Titles
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    Common , Taruan , Cantarian, and dozens more.

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