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Crysannia Nectar Consortiom

The Business

The Crysannia Nectar Consortiom is a large alliance of multiple trade guilds all allied to each other around the selling/using and distribitution of various products and byproducts concering the Crysannia Plant. The CNC is comprised of seven large guilds and over 50 smaller trades and specilists beneath them. anything from blacksmiths, textile merchants, but mostly centering around distilling certain drinks made from the nectar of the Crysannia Plant.   The largest two guilds in charge of the Crysannia Nectar Consortiom are the Grywins and the Forcham Merchant Guilds. Both Guilds run their businesses with ruthlesslness and absolute control.  
The Grywins control a vast proportion of both the Products of the Crysannia as well as the bulk of the profits. They are the sole owners and distributors of the Crysannia Nectar. Anything that uses the nectar in any way has to go through them. They own and control the Wine industry, Nectar beer and have exclusive trade deals with the tea guilds who make the very popular Crysannia Tea.  
The Forcham hold almost as much power and profits as the Grywins in their own right as they deal primarily with the use and distribution of the Illium Crystals, and the Crysannia Thorns. They contract through most of the religious and pharmaceutical guilds in all the spheres for the use of the Crysannia byproducts. it is rumored that the illicit drugs made from the illium crystals are also of their design and run through them, but that has bever been proven.
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Crysannia Nectar has many uses, both in the pharmaceutical industry and the food and wine industry. The Grywins will get into bed with any business that can turn them a profit.
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Illium crystals are in less supply than the Nectar but fetch a much higher price due to their rarity and the religious orders will do almost anything to get their hands on them.

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