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Royal Army of Eglen

The Royal Army of the Glorious Kingdom of Eglen is the most important armed force in the nation. According to the army, that is ofcourse.


Founded in the year 2597 by King √Źlamya IV, the Conqueror (See also: timeline of the Kings of Eglen). Initially, just to gather the armed forces under one comment for the Eastern Conquest, but afterwards it turned into a national standing army.

Before the founding of the Royal Army, every self respecting noble had his own group of fighters, some infantry, some cavalry, wildly different training levels, and fighting skills. Every time the King wanted to get something done, he had to go by the Nobles to beg them to join his campaign, to raise enough men to fight.

With the founding of the Royal Army, it became illegal for a noble to have an expeditionary force. They were only allowed to have a household guard maximum 50% of the size of that of the noble they are subordinate to. This rule let to a lot of complaints trough out the realm, but the Eastern Campaign somehow saw a lot of the more problematic nobles lose the most of their fighting men. Due to some tactical planning by the king's Marshal.

More politically inclined nobles realised that they didn't have just one title, but where Duke of X and Baron of A, B and C. For instance. Inflating their numbers that way. Also, the richer nobles managed to separate their fighting forces from their law-keeping forces, and greatly increased the size of their law-keeping force. So far the King has not opposed this evolution.


It's the official purpose of the Royal Army to; Keep the peace, defend the borders, and expend the Realm. By any means necessary.


The Royal Army has several bases; the main one being Ivoryhall HQ.

Five Marshals

In Ivoryhall HQ the Five Marshalls have their seat, and command the Army. Each Marshal is in charge of a quadrant of the Kingdom, divided by the points of the Compass. Unofficially, they are called the; North Marshall, East Marshall, West Marshall, and South Marshal. The fifth is the Centre Marshal, in charge of the Capital Region, the heartland of the Glorius Kingdom. The Centre Marshal is the Leader of the five marshalls.


When the Royal Army was established, it absorbed all the nobles' fighting forces, due to the different sizes, some became legions, others brigades, regiments, battalions or company. They all kept the names of the local lord or area they were initially named after, creating a wild variety in naming traditions and systems.

Currently there are twenty-four infantry legions, twelve cavalry regiments and eight mobile artillary batteries, spread out over different bases in the country. And there are also several units working on maintenance, research and devolpement of all the steam powered equipment and other war gear. Not to forget the administration, logistics and other support units.

The Air Corps is technically part of the Royal Army, but it's going its own way, most of the time. Unless some superior officer in the Royal Army puts its foot down.


In the past the Royal Army used a crowned stag as its primary symbol, but with the rise of steam-power, all animal symbolism has slowly removed from the Army and the parts, in favour of more modern symbols, like gears and cogs, cannon, tracked vehicles, and the like. To symbolise the nation's progress in the future, and to spread the glory of Eglen


Uniforms are nowadays moss green, with black accents and insignias. Before, all nobles had their own colour, based on their archaic coat-of-arm system. But for unity, the Royal Army got a standardised uniform colour.

Ofcourse there are several units deviating from this rule, for instance the Air Corps uses silver insignias.


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  • Ivoryhall HQ is located to the north-east of the capital Ivoryhall.
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