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Ivoryhall is the capital of Elgen, it is the biggest city of the country, it is where the king holds court and the seat of the government is located.

The name Ivoryhall derives from the name of the royal castle which is also Ivoryhall, named that way for its white washed exterior walls.

The first part of the castle was build some 800 years ago, and back then it did consist of a simple hall, which was the court of the Barron of East Atrad. The village around it slowly grew out into the grand city it is today, and the castle grew with it. The city grew so much due to its formidable location, on the intersection of two rivers it controlled the ford and later a bridge that supported the major north south trade route.

In the year 2398, Ïlamya Augustine, Duke of Skop, conquered the city and founded the Glorious Kingdom of Eglen, becoming its first king, and has since then been known by his honouree title Creator of the Realm. It was actually his grandson Ïlamya Thrad Augustine, who chose Ivoryhall as his residence, having the castle expanded substantially, and spending half the new countries budget on upgrading its defences alone.

Nowadays even more then back then the colour white symbolises wealth above all. It’s the epiphany of richness. Maintaining things as white is very difficult with the near constant smog that rises from the hundreds upon hundreds of smoke stacks billowing out Coal smoke, smoke that symbolises the great rise in Eglen’s economics and technological superiority. The ash filled rain that comes from the smoke gives the whole city a grey layer.

One already needs to be rich to keep clothes white, and most people, even the better off merchants, don’t even own white clothing. Keeping Ivoryhall’s walls white is a major expanse for the Kingdom, but one must show the kings superiority of the people.

Ivoryhall has become the centre of power of Eglen, all the guilds have their headquarter in the city. The government has it’s buildings near the castle. And most higher nobles from other parts of the country have a town house to run their politics from.

Even though trade is almost no longer been transported by road, and the river crossing is not as important anymore as it once was. Ivoryhall still has a substantial harbour, that allows steamships coming up river from the coast to reach far inland. To connect the city to the rest of the country it has four train stations, and three air ports. Linking all that together is a real struggle for the road network of the city, that is not designed for modern steam carriages.

After years of talking, miners have been brought to the city from the mountains, and they are exploring the earth and rock beneath it, bringing with them steal drills and hammers. The idea is to tunnel a network below the city in which small steam trains can race around at record speeds, bringing people from one side to another. Even going underneath the river! If the city succeeds it will again be on the forefront of the countries and even the continents technological advancement.

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