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Ïlamya Augustine

Ïlamya Augustine, King of Eglen, Duke of Skop, Baron of Ivoryhall, Creator of the Realm.

Ïlamya Augustine was the fifteenth Duke of Skop, son of Maynard Thrad. He inherited a war from his father when Maynard Thrad died on the battlefield of Millpoint in 2395. Not much was expected from the young Duke. But against all odds he kept winning and in 2397 he laid siege on the city of Ivoryhall and the castle with the same name. Starving the unprepared city into submission over the harsh winter, resulting in 45% of the population dying of hunger, he entered the courtroom of Ivoryhall on the 23rd of May 2398. Where he declared the Glorious Kingdom of Eglen, and was subsequently crowned as the first king. After which he returned to his ancestral home and never set a foot in Ivoryhall the city or the castle again during his live.

It was only his third wife that was able to give Ïlamya a son, named Maynard, in 2415. Who later became the second king of Eglen. It was during the final years of Maynard’s kingship that he as the new Leader of the Church gave his father the title Creator of the Realm.

The rest of his reign was pretty uneventful, the country exhausted from the 12 years of war, lacked the will power energy and funds to change anything about the new situation. And actually did quite well, due to the lack of people there were enough jobs for everyone and ample food. This period of his reign has been remembered the most by the people of Eglen, and hence why the first king is still honoured.

In 2417 an assassination attempt was made by an opposing Count. But the hired murderer decided to double cross the count in hopes for a better reward from the king. The murderer and the count both lost their head. Afterwards the Eglonion Service for Information was founded by the king, whose task it was to search for any more people with ideas of opposing the king. Rumour has it that a surprisingly high number of fatal accidents in the following years where actually murders by the Service to protect the king.

Ïlamya had a great love for falconry, and the building that housed them still carries the name “King Ïlamya the first” to this day.

Personal Timeline
2376 Birth
2395 Became Duke of Skop
2398 Became King of Eglen and Baron of Ivoryhall
2415 Birth of son, Maynard
2436 Died
2465 given the title; Creator of the Realm

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