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High Kingdom of Albis

Choosing a side in this conflict would mean the same as signing away our cherished freedom without a fight. The only way forward towards a free and proud future is with a sword in hand and freedom in your heart!
— Faigh ub Airbaraghan, Regent of Albis
  The High Kingdom of Albis is a young and influential realm in Talhenogh, a turbulent region stuck in between two great powers and plagued with religion turmoil. While their neighbours fall under the sway of their former overlords in the south and the rising power in the north, the people of Albis stand firm in their opposition to all undesirable foreign influences. Not only do they seek to retain their independence, but also to extend their own influence over the region, bringing their neighbours under their graceful protection.  

House of Eirlaghan

Before the kingdom was established, the Albers fought alongside their neighbouring nations as one in the Talhenogh League. During this war, Mardoc ub Eirlaghan, a masterful tactician, won the hearts and minds of the people. Once the war was over and the participants of the league had agreed on new borders, Mardoc was proclaimed High King of Albis by his devoted followers.   Mardoc, however, was not long for this world. He had sustained severe injuries during a gruelling battle and those wounds never fully healed. His health eventually failed him after a short, four year reign as high king.   Upon his death, Aud, the high king's two year old daughter, found herself on the throne. There were a few who had their sights set on the title of high king and sought to murder the child, but Mardoc's loyalists were too numerous and foiled all plots against the new monarch.
Eirlaghan Goat of Arms by Azgaar's Armoria

Reign of High King Mardoc
1531 - 1534 3 years
Died of health complications
Reign of Duke Radav
1534 - 1541 7 years
Reign of Lady Faigh
1541 - 1548 7 years
Reign of High Queen Aud
1534 - 1567 33 years
Current ruler


Factionalism is driving our society apart. With various groups with their own beliefs drifting further and further from one another and isolating themselves from differing views, an armed struggle for the fate of this land seems all but certain. Seeing as it is inevitable, we must secure an advantageous position for ourselves, which might guarantee our success.
— Aar Balonagal, Leader of the League of Tīr Baglām
  During the long and tumultuous recency of High Queen Aud, which was headed by Faigh ub Airbaraghan and her uncle, Radav, the Duke of Ulagllin, three distinct factions emerged and vied for power. The most powerful of these are simply known as Mardoc's Men, loyalists to the old high king and his daughter.   These loyalists are relentless in their quest to defend their young monarch and preserve Mardoc's legacy. Through murder, coercision, and bribery, they have silenced dissenting voices that have dared to suggest forsaking neutrality and a large number of people have been put to the sword for allegedly conspiring against the realm's policy on foreign relations.    

Hillen and Pallernen

One of these factions heavily affected by such suppression has been the Society of Hillen, a group of people advocating for the establishment of Hillenēq Hūril as the official religion of the realm and the persecution of heresy. Members of this society are often accused by Mardoc's Men of attempting to lead the realm to align with the Empire of Pallernen, the greatest nation that adheres to the faith.

Baglām and Alminthas

Going against both the Society of Hillen and Mardoc’s Men are the members of the secretive League of Tīr Baglām, a faction that advocates for a Baglāmist Albis. Their leaders have strong economic ties with the Federal State of Alminthas and the Aristocratic Republic of Rueken, two powerful nations that adhere to Baglām’s teachings and oppose Pallernen’s influence in the region.
Founding Date
18 Tlealēlcpēh 1531 AA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy

Land area
27,895 mi²

Mettelagen and Talhenogh

Character flag image: Flag of Albin by Dhelian


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