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Coalition of Chaos

"Our goal is to ensure what I went through doesn't happen again. The way we do that is by understanding who the Titans were, where their vessels are located, and to protect them at all cost. We must be vigilant at all times. We never know when the Blades will start moving again."   ~ Tahj


Tahj Grylys is the official leader of the Coalition of Chaos. The Keepers are trusted individuals within the organization that Tahj has given a Titan Vessel to for safe keeping. No member knows who a Keeper, not even other Keepers. Keepers correspond with one another via sending stones that have been enchanted to manipulate the voice of the speaker.


The Coalition of Chaos is a melting pot of ideals and upbringings. Most individuals are from middle and lower class. The nobles of the organization assist members with access to areas normally out of their reach and build diplomatic relationships with the local government. Though the Coalition has no ideal political goal it is accepted that any government that harms its citizens should not be worked with.

Public Agenda

Coalition of Chaos is ready to defend against any plans that the Blades of Extinction set into motion. They also scour libraries and abandoned temples to acquire more knowledge of the Titans and the location of other vessels. Members are informed to keep an eye out for Iranthel but told not to engage.


After the defeat of Len'thral and the Blades of Extinction Tahj Grylys organized the Coalition of Chaos. After the founding Tahj used his magic and allies to recruit trustworthy individuals from across the multiverse. With a sizeable following Tahj started to impose his knowledge of the Titans, Len'thral, Iranthel, and the Blades of Extinction to these individuals. The organization now scours the multiverse in search of answers and for the next step in the Blades of Extinctions plan.
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