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Order of the Deathless

The Order of the Deathless is the military unit designated to be the defenders and guards of the island of Nárarmr. The Deathless are comprised of undead warriors whom are summoned forth by Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black's ancient magics binding them to his will and forcing them to serve as the guardians of Nárarmr.


The Order of the Deathless is controlled by Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black. Acting as his royal guard and the commanders of the Order are the Chosen of the Deathless, below them are the rank and file members of the Order. Those rank and file include undead, wraiths, specters, grave scavengers, and the fulgor mortis.


The Oder of the Deathless possess unyielding loyalty to Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black and the laws he sets forth, his will is their will.

Public Agenda

The Order of the Deathless functions as the constabulary and standing army of Nárarmr. Conscripted to uphold and enforce the laws set forth by Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black, The Deathless maintain order among the denizens of the island city.


The Order of the Deathless use the Citadel De Moritori as their headquarters. Deep below the citadel lies the Tenebris Dungeons for those whom break Eivnudionth, Lord of the Black's laws or find themselves at his displeasure.

To Serve In Life And Death

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The Deathless
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