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The Matron

The Matron

When the shards rained from the heavens, and The Shard Blight was created combining the life and death magics, The Matron emerged. A shard of Liliose Goddess of Death's sword, and a sliver of Eidolon Goddess of Life's staff combined and a new divine emerged and swathed herself in a fragment of Noctua's Cloak of Shadows. Becoming an avatar of Life, Death, and Shadow all at once, though not as powerful as her mothers she emerged as a demigod of sorts.

"Mother is the name for god on the lips and hearts of all children."
~ Eric Draven

Divine Domains

The Matron has become a divine avatar of Death, Life, and Shadows.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A cracked porcelain woman's face wreathed in raven feathers.

Tenets of Faith

All things die, death is the natural end to life, therefore I am merely a caretaker whom takes those who die into my embrace.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lacking a physical form, choosing instead to appear as a raven or occasionally using an avatar that is a porcelain mask of a woman's face wreathed in raven feathers and a long black form fitting dress.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Believed to have originally been an Elf queen in the Kingdom of Yaenivell before the Fall of Shards. When the shards fell she was believed to have been crushed, and was left to rot amongst The Blightlands. Over time she was imbued with magics from the shards and as Noctua walked among the wreckage caused by the fall her cloak caught on one of the shards and tore a portion of the cloak off.   As time progressed in the years following the Fall, the former queen was granted new life and found herself crawling out from beneath the wreckage. Looking down at her scarred naked form and noticing a raven watching her with unblinking eyes. The raven cawed at her and started pecking a a torn portion of cloak caught on the crystalline shard. She approached the raven and grabbed for the cloak, the raven flapped its wings and took flight while she wrapped herself in the cloak the raven circled and flew forward to perch on her shoulder. Looking over at her new friend she smiled and they set out to seek a mask from her former throne room to conceal her horribly scarred visage. Upon reaching the throne room, she surveyed the devastation until her gaze landed on a cracked porcelain mask in the ruins of a wall. Reaching her arm forward, the raven took flight towards the mask and clutched it in its claws and returning to her. Taking the mask and placing it over her face, she softly stroked the raven's head and said "Well done."   Looking at the carnage wrought across her former kingdom, she looks to her new companion with a faint smile in her voice she says, "There is nothing for us here. Let us set out and use our newfound powers to bring the dead into our embrace." The raven cawed in agreement. As her cloak swirled, a black portal opened and she stepped through, while the portal closed behind her.   As they emerged from the other side of the portal, she looked to the sky and saw it was grey and shapeless. Striding forward towards a dark town in the distance, entering through the gate she looked down at the pale skinned individuals standing watch. Bringing her hand up to brush their cheeks, she could feel the cold embrace of death magic she smiled to herself beneath her mask. "Hello, my child." Passing through the gate unabashed, she turns and beckons forth with her finger, "Come forth my children we have work to do." and they follow her into the gloomy city. "We must construct a citadel." She whispered.


The Matron


Towards Alelyn Ravenbloom


Alelyn Ravenbloom


Towards The Matron


Guardians of The Matron's Temple

The protectors of the inner sanctums with The Matron's temples are pale blue skinned individuals who wear a large raven skull helm. Through the pits of the skulls eyes a radiant blue-green energy can bee seen. Their black iron weapons are surrounded by bone, and they are typically without shoes. If one was to touch their flesh it would be fairly cold to the touch.
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Circumstances of Birth
Born from the Fall of Shards
Current Residence
The Plane of Shadow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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