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Alelyn Ravenbloom

Alelyn Ravenbloom (a.k.a. Aly, Pretty Lady)

Alelyn grew up having made a living as a grave-tender, whom also happen to be a grave-robber in the town of Deepgrave. Not knowing her parents she was raised by a man named Bertrund, who had taken her in when she was very young. Bertrund taught her about the Matron and helped her devote herself to tending the graves in Deepgrave, while also instilling the art of grave-robbing in her. Teaching her what to take and what not to take, imparting the knowledge of what would draw attention when trying to sell the proliferated items off. Continuing to improve her skills and devotion to the matron through her teen years.   When she reached the age of twenty-one Bertrund grew very ill. Alelyn prayed to the Matron to end his suffering and to wrap him in her embrace. A heavy storm covered Deepgrave and the surrounding area, thunder roared and lightning flashed while the rain poured down heavily. During this storm Alelyn had a dream... A vision??? Communion???   She found herself looking at a steps leading down into a pool, but this pool was not filled with water. The moonlight reflected onto the pool's surface, revealing the thick, viscous crimson liquid. She could smell the metallic tinge emanating from the pool, and she knew it was blood. Looking at the pool of blood she began disrobing, stripping down until she was nude, then began to wade down into the pool. Wading further and further in until the blood was to her breasts, she stopped lay herself back and submerged beneath the surface.   Below the surface she did not have any trouble breathing, it was almost as if she were breathing air. Opening her eyes all she could see was the dark crimson fading to black at the edges of her peripheral vision. Blinking, she looked up and saw a porcelain face wreathed in raven feathers staring back with black hollow pits for eyes, and she knew she was staring at the matron. "Hello my child." Came a soft woman's voice from deep within the masked face looming over her. "Do you know who I am my child?"   "Yes Matron , I know who you are." Came her reply.   "I have been watching you my child, I know of the plight your Bertrund faces. He has not long left, soon he will be in my care."   "Is there anything I can do to ease his suffering and aid you?" Alelyn questioned. At this, though the mask remained unmoved Alelyn felt a warmth pass through her as if The Matron were amused by this.   "I can bestow my gifts upon you if that is what you wish my child." The Matron said with a bemused chuckle. "It will be a long journey forth from this point for you my child. You will become a cleric to me, serving me and keeping the balance between life and death, seeing those through the veil that will be brought into my embrace when their time has come. Do you agree my child?"   "I... I... I do." Alelyn replied.   "Very well, I will bestow you my gifts and my cleric you will be." The Matron replied as a single raven flew out of the right eye of the mask and flew towards Alelyn. Flying past her face a single feather fell from its black wing, falling down to her outstretched palm as the raven circled back and flew back into the eye as if it had never existed.   Looking at the raven feather in her palm, Alelyn looked up to see the mask fading away. She heard, "You know what must be done, my child." Closing her eyes she sat up and opened her eyes, Alelyn found herself not in a pool, but on her pallet in their home inside the graveyard. Sniffing the air she could smell the metallic tinge of blood and looking down found herself nude with drying blood covering her and a single raven feather clutched in her right hand. Rising and cleaning herself off, she dressed in her black leathers and skirt and moved to Bertrund's bedside. Feeling his head she found his fever had not subsided and that his flesh felt clammy. "I know what must be done." she whispered to herself. Gently waking Bertrund she looked him in his cloudy eyes, they talked briefly and said their goodbyes. With a single tear streaming down her cheek she said "I'm sorry. Tell her I said thank you."   After a faint cough, Bertrund said, "I'm proud of you..." Placing her hand on his brow a faint glow emanated from her hand over his face and he went on through the veil. With the deed done she grabbed her shovel and headed out into the graveyard and set about preparing a proper grave for the only father she had ever know.   Having prepared a suitable grave for her father figure, she set about performing the last rights and a funeral for him. Having finished the funeral she drew something on a sheet of parchment, took what coin she had and headed to the smith. Showing the smith the drawing, he agreed to construct what she had asked, telling her that it would take two days to finish construction. Agreeing to this and paying him for his services she returned to her home and began to gather her belongings and preparing to leave. Two days later she returned to the smith, where she was presented with a item wrapped in a a long black cloth. Pulling aside the shroud and looking inside she saw a shovel etched with a raven motif with a handle of bone leading to a pommel with the porcelain mask of The Matron surrounded in her wreath of raven feathers. With a nod of respect she tossed him an additional gold coin and a thanks, she grabbed her shovel and left.

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils

Shovel with raven motif etched into the steel, and a porcelain mask surrounded by raven feathers on the handle.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alelyn is very toned, her tight body coupled with sensual curves are the source of many a stare from both men and women. Her pale milky, unblemished skin is so smooth it appears to be made of alabaster.

Identifying Characteristics

Raven with its wings spread in flight tattooed across her upper back, Raven feathers tattooed down her ribs and over her hips onto the front side.

Special abilities

Circle of Mortality, Eyes of the Grave

Apparel & Accessories

She wears black leathers with a raven feather plume at the shoulders, leading into a long black skirt. She carries a shovel with a raven motif in the steel, a bone handle with various runes carved into it leading to the pommel inset with a porcelain mask of a woman's face surrounded by raven feathers acts as her holy symbol to The Matron .

Specialized Equipment

Carries a silver raven figurine that possesses magical abilities.

Mental characteristics


Alelyn has always found herself attracted to women. She has developed an strong romantic relationship with her Victoriam Ruinam companion Adelaide Altaire a blue skinned Devilkin.

Morality & Philosophy

The dead don't need their belongings, The Matron has no use for material goods, she takes what she needs. Do what needs to be done for the greater good, the is no harm in grave-robbing as the dead don't need it.


Contacts & Relations

Bertrund was her mentor when she was a grave-tender in Deepgrave. He taught her the ins and outs of how to maintain the graves, as well as what to pilfer from them. Now deceased.   In the town of Wolfshor she met Ludovicus Ulfila and Adelaide Alttaire. They formed an adventuring party and journeyed together, after some time they came to call themselves Victoriam Ruinam. Over the course of their adventures Alelyn and Adelaide grew closer and became romantically involved, often doing their best to playfully make Ludo uncomfortable at their displays of affection.   Along the road to Telarus the group encountered Orlann the Wanderer, a Turtlefolke bard.   When in the city of Telarus along with Victoriam Ruinam she met Taleila Wyneewood whom introduced them to Alexander and tasked them with a quest. During that quest the warlock Chester Botkins interjected himself into their efforts and joined them on the adventure.

Family Ties

Never knew her parents. Raised by Bertrund the grave-tender in Deepgrave as his daughter.


The Matron


Towards Alelyn Ravenbloom


Alelyn Ravenbloom


Towards The Matron


Divine Classification
Current Location
Date of Birth
22nd of Leondais, 889 FOS
Year of Birth
889 FOS 27 Years old
Current Residence
Long Raven Black falling to her midback
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, Alabaster
128 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Related Reports
Known Languages
Common, Elvish


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