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The city of Telarus was built amidst the swaying grasses of a windy meadow and is truly a leading-edge trade center. Its wonder is matched by the backdrop of everclear skies which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The climate these skies brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings were designed to take full advantage of the climate, as more daring elements can be created when you don't have to worry about strong winds.   The Kingdom of Sleora capitol itself looks impressive, with its copper rooftops, elm wood and stone walls and fields of farmland, the city has a delightful atmosphere. The main attraction is Shardstone Keep, which was built 700 years ago and designed in collaboration with the dwarves and the elves. Telarus has a healthy economy, which is mainly supported by iron and silver production, and grain farming. Though their biggest strengths are elaborate beer brewing and crafting.   New cultures have left their mark not just on education, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of plain, ordinary people has grown into a new culture of variety and it's this that unites the 2 million people to this day.   It's this multicultural identity that has truly left its mark. Hundreds of sandwich bars, take-outs and cafés offer a plethora of culinary choices and those who feel hungry for something else can enjoy city exploring, concerts, clubs or one of the many other recreational venues.


The city of Telarus covers an area of approximately 20 miles, with a total population of 24,364 people. The population is largely human (37%), with smaller numbers of halflings (20%), elves  (18%), dwarves (10%), gnomes (7%), half-elves (5%), half-orcs (1%), and other (2%).


Stone walls surround the city, with portcullises at various strategic points throughout the perimeter. Armed Crownsguard patrol the streets, in addition to protecting King Desmond Cosculas and the council.

Industry & Trade

There are a lot of breweries, ale houses, and meaderies in Telarus. Additionally, iron and silver are a large portion of the industry in Telarus due to The Titan Trove Mining Company having it as their base of operations. Several "magic" shops have opened their doors within the city limits.

Guilds and Factions

A skulk of the Crimson Foxes is rumoured to have a den deep within the sewers of the city. They use these tunnels as well as hidden passages throughout the city to come and go as they please.


Tourism really booms in Telarus during Reaporeum, for the Festival of Brews. Being a city that has so many breweries, ale houses, and meaderies its only natural for them to create a holiday based solely around drinking and celebrating those establishments. Many of the breweries and meaderies will brew special limited releases of the ales and meads only available during the festival. Theses special batches are typically only available at this time and once they are gone, that's it.   Pub crawls and ale tours are a common occurrence in Telarus, usually they are going on multiple times a week.

Natural Resources

One of their biggest natural resources is the grains from the nearby farmsteads. The Titan Trove Mining Company operates nearby silver and iron mines.


  • Telarus City Map
    Map of the Capital City Telarus
A tale is not truely told when not told over ales.

~Greggor Kalimence Telarusian Citizen
Founding Date
137 FOS
Alternative Name(s)
City of Ales, Brewer's City
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