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The Crimson Foxes


The Crimson Foxes follow a hierarchy with the top being the Crimson Matriarch/Patriarch. Below them are the Vulpes Sentinels, followed by the Vulpes Vixen/Dog, and the lowest tier are the kit. Each chapter is referred to as a Skulk.   Current Crimson Matriarch is Jislossa Oriralei.


Secrecy is the key to the Crimson Foxes success, an outlook that began with the original five and spread to every officer, agent and member of the guild. Only the highest ranking individuals know the full complexities of the hierarchical structure, individual members are only aware of their immediate associates, to eliminate their ability to implicate more than a handful of members. Failure to maintain the secrecy of the Crimson Foxes would cost the guild money, an unacceptable occurrence that could result in death.   The Crimson Foxes highly value loyalty, wealth and power. Any member who puts the interests of the guild before their own personal interests, will find themselves handsomely rewarded provided they survive. Though they are thieves, they do stick to a code and not take from those in need, or those with nothing to spare. If an outside thieves guild has wealth they are often made a part of the Crimson Foxes, through persuasion, blackmail, or brute force. If they prove to be inept, they are often destroyed outright.   If a ranked member of The Crimson Foxes dies, or is removed from power, the existing members of the same rank would put forth candidates and then put those candidates to a vote for successor. A member leaving in good standing, results in their family being taken care of by the guild.

Public Agenda

Make profit through illegal means (kidnapping, assassination, smuggling, black market trade, ect.)   Preserve the function of civilization, so that it remains profitable


The Crimson Foxes were formed by five charismatic rogues to undergo larger more coordinated heists in the year 216 FOS, in the city of Shadespar. It functioned as any thieves' guild would for about 60 years, with the power of the group being shared among the families of the founders and their respective allies.

Over time their numbers grew and as they began to pull jobs in other parts of the realm, new chapters of "Skulks" started to pop up across the realm. Deciding that they needed to rely on more than merely thieves and assassins, they began to recruit those versed in magics, monks, and others who could help gather information, sometimes using those magical "gifts" to help influence a client.


Each Skulk is helmed by a Skulk Leader usually with the title of Vulpes Sentinel.   The Alonar Skulk Leader is Vulpes Sentinel Reeve Margrave.
The Telarus Skulk Leader is Vulpes Sentinel Urldryl Rilynndar.
The Arcòne Skulk Leader is Vulpes Sentinel Rune.

In blood, shadows, and gold.

Founding Date
216 FOS
Guild, Thieves
Alternative Names
The Road
Training Level
Controlled Territories
The Crimson Foxes have created a coded language to allow them to communicate with each other in public without those overhearing knowing the details of their conversation, known as Cant. Key phrases include:   Nails - Lockpick The Road - The Guild Fresh Vegetables - Open Jobs Cobbler - Fence Hounds - City Watch/Guards A place to avoid the rain - Safehouse

Additionally they have developed a series of "Shadowglyphs" to discreetly mark various items of import to other members.


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