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Wulfhard Hornwood

Vulpes Dog Wulfhard Hornwood

Born in the Sallows of Telarus, Wulfhard was the eldest son of Finnan and Lideni Hornwood. He had two brothers, Falvon and Halfred. The year of his thirteenth nameday, his father Finnan was killed in an accident at the mines. Soon after the meager coin provided by the mine dried up and his mother Lideni fell ill.   Needing to feed his brothers and provide for his mother, Wulfhard took to the streets of Telarus. There he used his small stature and nimble fingers to his advantage. Pilfering in pockets, and cutting coin purses in the many taverns of the city. In one such tavern, he got sloppy and didn't notice the woman watching him from the shadowy alcove near the hearth. It's only as he cuts the purse strings and the bag falls into his open palm with a faint jingle of coins, that he looks up and notices her staring directly at him, with a smirk upon her face. His gaze locked on hers, he lost his balance and kicked the stool the man was seated upon, knocking the man down on top of him. The man looked down saw his coin purse in Wulfhard's hand and immediately began yelling, "Thief!"   Everyone in the tavern turned to look at him. The man untangled himself, which caused Wulfhard to momentarily be distracted and break his concentration on the woman watching him. When he looked back she was gone. He took the opportunity to get up and flee the tavern.   Wulfhard peeled off and out through the tavern door, turned and darted around the corner. Sparing a glance behind him to see how quickly he was being pursued, he returned his attention before him and was quickly surprised to see the woman from inside in the alley ahead of him. With a wink and a smile, she motioned for him to follow her, and turned to run down the alley. Zig-zagging throughout the various alleys, she led him to a boarded up well behind some buildings. Quickly pressing a hidden button within the wells construction, it slid over to reveal a secret stairwell. She descended the stairs and said "Well... Are you following or not?"   With another furtive glance, he could hear his pursuers still following. Deciding he would trust this strange woman, he followed her. Within the stairwell she grabbed hold of a torch sconce and pulled it down and the well slid back in place concealing them. Torch in hand she led him down a series of corridors to a heavy iron door with a slat in it.   Quickly she wrapped off three sharp knocks at the door and the slot slid open. At which all she said was, "Traveled down the road, for a place to avoid the rain." The slat slammed shut, seconds later a lock can be heard turning and the door opens. She looked to Wulfhard gave a sharp nod towards the door and stepped aside waiting to see if he entered. Behind the door he spotted a large Half-Orsimur, seeing no other option Wulfhard entered cautiously.   'You've got some impressive skill small one. With some more training you might prove to be something more." Pausing she looked down at him, "Do you know who we are?"   "No, I don't..." He  stammered.   "We are The Crimson Foxes, a guild of thieves. We could take you in as a  kit. Would you like that young one?"    Nodding fervently, he looks on wide eyed mouth falling agape.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Distinct orange mutton chops.

Apparel & Accessories

Crimson and black studded leather armour. Various throwing knives in a bandolier around his thigh, with two sheathed daggers at the small of his back. He wears a black cloak over top of his studded leathers.


Contacts & Relations

Second in command to Telarus  Vulpes Sentinel Urldryl Rilynndar.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Vulpes Dog of the Telarus Skulk of The Crimson Foxes.
Date of Birth
23rd of Jubulon, 554 FOS.
The Sallows of Telarus
Current Residence
Dark blue
Orange Whispy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
3' 3"
50 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Thieves Cant, Halfling

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