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Taleila Wyneewood

Arcanist of Abjuration, Chief Advisor Taleila Wyneewood

Arcanist Taleila Wyneewood is a human wizard. She is well known throughout Aurelimoore as a powerful wizard and a acting chief advisor to Sleoran King Desmond Cosculas and the Sleoran Council. Her home Wyneewood Manor is located in the Cloud District of Telarus.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Taleila was always interested in magic from a very young age. Always reading far above what those around her thought she was capable of. Though all magic was exciting to her, she found herself constantly drawn to abjuration magic.   In her youth she went to The Arcane Observatory to further study and hone her magical capabilities. Quickly she rose to the top of her classes, standing out far ahead of the other students. After graduating she was offered a position within The Arcane Observatory as an instructor. Over time she rose in rank from instructor to professor, and eventually she was offered the position of Arcanist of Abjuration and a seat on the Council of Mystics within the school.   During her time at The Observatory she learned about The Consortium and started down the path of discovery trying to learn more about it. Along her journey to learn about The Consortium, Taleila met Veshlina Amberwing and quickly became friends and began sharing their research.   Having retreated to her family home at Wyneewood Manor to further her studies and take some time to herself, she had assisted King Desmond Cosculas the Sleoran King. Her continued aid and high standing with The Arcane Observatory led to King Desmond Cosculas asking her to take a seat on the Sleoran Council. Knowing that she could do a lot of good for both the kingdom and the realm as a whole, she readily accepted.




Studied at The Arcane Observatory, finished top of her class as a top ranking abjuration wizard.


Currently a key advisor to King Desmond Cosculas the Sleoran King and the Sleoran Council. Additionally she has earned the rank of Aracanist of Abjuration and a seat on the Council of Mystics within The Arcane Observatory.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She was the youngest wizard in the modern age to reach the rank of Arcanist of Abjuration within The Arcane Observatory.

Personality Characteristics


Spends a lot of time researching the Consortium. Trying to find their location and learn as much as she can about the organization as she can.


Contacts & Relations

As a member of the Sleoran Council she acts as Chief Advisor to King Desmond Cosculas.

Veshlina Amberwing is a very close friend, whom she obtains many interesting artifacts for further study. Taleila has been with Veshlina on many of her archeological excursions in the various ruins around Aurelimoore. Their relationship has grown from one of friendship to become something more of a romantic relationship.

Taleila has recruited Victoriam Ruinam and Alexander to take care of somethings with the Titan Trove Mine outside of Telarus.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Arcanist of Aburation with a seat on the Council of Mystics within The Arcane Observatory

Chief Advisor to King Desmond Cosculas and the Sleoran Council
Date of Birth
23rd of Frostveil, 879 FOS
Current Residence
Wyneewood Manor in Telarus
Dark Green
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
127 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Elvish


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