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Blackstone Meadery

Blackstone Meadery is owned by the Blackstone family of Telarus. The meadery itself is located with the city of Telarus in the Beer Square. Their farmstead is located outside of town in the Meadows.   They make a variety of high end meads. It is rumored that they are affiliated with The Crimson Foxes Telarus skulk.   Currently being secretly sold off to the Tallheart family in Allonar. The Crimson Foxes have learned this information and are currently developing plans to rectify the situation in their eyes.

Purpose / Function

Creates high quality meads sold throughout all of Aurelimoore. Additionally, the Telarus skulk of The Crimson Foxes collects protection currency as well as utilizing it for their own means.


Host meadery tours in Telarus, allowing patrons to see how they make their mead. Additionally they offer tasting tours, and a premier members club that allows first access to their newest lines of mead.
Brewery / Winery
Parent Location


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