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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a high end magic store owned by the charismatic purple skinned Devilkin  Thelyre. It can be found within the Cloud District of Telarus. A small quaint single story building nestled amongst some of the other buildings of the Cloud District. It's distinctive purple and gold exterior standing out among some of the less ostentatious surroundings.


Magic Items  
  • +1 Greataxe 1030 gp
  • +1 Trident 1010 gp
  • Poison Resistant Chainmail 6080 gp
  • Flail of Warning 60100 gp
  • Greatsword of Lifestealing 1050 gp
  • Light Crossbow of Warning 60100 gp
  • Mariners Chain Shirt 1550 gp
  • Mariners Scale 1800 gp
  • Mithril Plate 2300 gp
  • Mithril Splint 1100 gp
  • (2x) Splint of Poison Resist 6200 gp
  • Trident of Warning 60100 gp
  • Demon Armor (curse removed) 18630gp
  • (4x) Potion of Healing 50 gp
  • Potion of Acid Resist 300 gp
  • Potion of Greater Healing 150 gp
  • (5x) Potion of Climbing 180 gp


The interior has been magically altered to allow it's interior to be significantly larger than the exterior would suggest.


Pandora's Box is a quaint little single story building. It's interior actually is significantly larger than the outside would suggest. It has been magically enchanted allowing the inside to actually be a two story very large shop. The first story has a sectioned main chamber with a grand curved staircase to one side leading up to the second story, tables bearing glass cases reside within the center of the room, and there is a long, wooden counter on the far end. Behind the counter is two doors that seemingly contain Thelyre's personal quarters. On the back wall in the larger main chamber is an area where Thelyre works on various potions. The second story is where adventuring gear can be found, such as belts, armor, weapons, and enchanted rings. Everburning candles rest in sconces throughout the interior and the air is heavily perfumed with various incense, creating a very welcoming atmosphere.


As one of the only two magic item purveyors of Telarus, Pandora's Box is frequented by those who seek to gain magic items. Located with the Cloud District of Telarus, it tends to attract more illustrious patrons.
Founding Date
Shop, Magic
Parent Location


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