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Ludovicus Ulfila

Ludovicus Ulfila (a.k.a. Ludo)

As a young Half-Elf Ludovicus grew up poor, working on the farm with his father to help provide for the family in the small town of Proud Summit. His father bargained with a member of the Lonomia Court to take on his son at their monastery, due to their farm being unable to produce enough food or money to take care of the entire family. So at the ripe age of twelve Ludo was sent to study with the monks of The Lonomia Court in the nearby mountains of Duskspire Ridge. There he learned academics, and the art of woodworking. He was able to sell the items he made at the markets and even managed to send some of the money to his family.   His time at the monastery gave him an appreciation for nature and learning to be patient. In addition to his academics and woodworking skills, he trained in the arts of stealth, combat, and observation. Initially, his parent's and baby brother of three years visited him whenever they could, after the first few years he was there their visits began to slowly decrease more and more. Eventually they were only sending letters, that is until he stopped receiving anything at all on his twenty-first nameday. That was about seven years ago. He's gone to visit the old house since then only to discover that his father sold the the farm and moved the whole family somewhere else.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lean and agile.

Special abilities

Years of training within The Lonomia Court has led to Ludo gaining the ability to merge with shadows and move through them to other shadows in the area.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears the blue and grey vestments of The Lonomia Court, and carries a wooded staff carved with various animals and creatures he has encountered in his travels throughout the realm.

Specialized Equipment

Carries a staff carved with various monsters and beasts he has encountered, a cloak of elvenkind, as well as boots of elvenkind. After Gaius death he obtained his Eyes of the Eagle googles.

Mental characteristics




Contacts & Relations

Member of Victoriam Ruinam along with Alelyn Ravenbloom, and Adelaide Alttaire. Began working with Alexander, but has not formally invited him to join Victoriam Ruinam.   Made friends with Orlann the Wanderer along the road on to Telarus from Wolfshor.   Mentored by Thenn Ardrose an Exarch of The Lonomia Court.   Thelyre took special interest in Ludo when he visited his shop, Pandora's Box in Telarus.   Began working for Wulfhard Hornwood in an effort to gain membership in The Crimson Foxes. Eventually Wulfhard connected Ludo with The Widow who trained him to be proficient with poisons and set him down the path to developing a natural immunity to said poisons.

Hobbies & Pets

Fenrir the direwolf
Current Location
Proud Summit
Current Residence
Mid-length brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
145 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Related Reports
Known Languages
Ludovicus can read, write, and speak common, elven, giant, primordial, and thieves cant. He also can read and write in shadowglyphs.


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